Using the latest satellite technology, Globalstar provides excellent, reliable coverage to most of the planet to improve communications in a number of different sectors including transportation, energy and construction.

Reliable Data and Voice Communication

Globalstar is a world-leading satellite network provider, using modern and innovative technologies to connect people all over the globe for commercial and recreational purposes, as well as offering lifesaving capabilities. The network enables companies to improve their productivity, logistics and communication capabilities by providing a stable and reliable connection where the traditional methods are not possible. This has made it a leader in multiple countries where phone or internet communications are not readily available, including remote locations such as mid-ocean where accurate tracking and monitoring is required.

Offering high-quality data and voice services with patented technology, Globalstar is well-placed to be integrated into a number of systems and logistical operations thanks to its dependability, and also offers the potential to support Commercial IoT, asset tracking and SPOT emergency response. The whole network functions with a plethora of low earth orbit satellites working in unison with infrastructure on the ground to give the very best communications technology to a wide range of customers.

This satellite network is capable of providing a continuous, uninterrupted solution for communication, and with CDMA technology in the sky and IMS configuration technology on the ground stations you are always going to stay connected when it counts. What’s more, it’s affordably priced in comparison to other low earth orbit networks, making it ideal for international dialling.

Globalstar offers cost-effective solutions for satellite tracking of vehicles, remote assets and integration with IoT systems.
Globalstar offers high-tech communication solutions thanks to its network of satellites and ground based receivers in place across six continents. With coverage of over 80% of the earth, Globalstar can assist in a number of sectors:


Helping growers and transporters alike, Globalstar’s satellite technology allows irrigation levels to be monitored, livestock to be tracked in remote locations and manage their resources effectively.

globalstar for agriculture
globalstar for forestry


From logging to shipping, Globalstar is providing world-leading capabilities which allow decisions to be made quickly in regards to tree felling, land usage, logistical costs and worker safety in forestry.


The worldwide coverage Globalstar provides to governments is essential for a wide range of sectors including emergency and disaster management, law enforcement and military applications too.

globalstar for government
globalstar for maritime


With coverage over a wide area spanning many continents, the satellite network is essential for communication between commercial and merchant vessels, drilling rigs and offshore messaging.

Globalstar Hardware

Globalstar delivers cost-effective voice and tracking solutions across the globe.
For More Information

Case Study | GPSOne | Tracking Horses in Kazakhstan

UK subsidiary GTC was approached by GPSOne to provide a compact and cost-effective solution to track wild horses in Kazakhstan.  Over 600 Globalstar SmartOne C satellite asset trackers and associated messaging plans were provided to monitor the locations of the wild animals.

"GTC’s global reach and unmatched expertise in satellite asset tracking makes them the perfect partner for us as we expand our program throughout Kazakhstan and additional countries." Dana Gabitova, GPSOne.

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Other Networks

Case Study | Scottish Water | Lone Worker Tracking

Hundreds of Scottish Water employees work in remote parts of the country, often solo, managing assets including the reservoirs that supply water to over 2.54 million households and 152,000 businesses.

Scottish Water were already familiar with the SPOT device with 49 of their remote-working teams are already using the devices. Scottish Water came to UK subsidiary GTC wanting to equip 250 further employees who are registered as lone workers.

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GTC Milestone | Over 15,000 Globalstar SPOT Tracking Devices Sold

In 2019 UK subsidiary Global Telesat Communications surpassed the milestone of selling 15,000 SPOT devices. This includes 1,500 SPOT units deployed to safeguard remote working or at-risk employees for organisations including the UK Forestry Commission and numerous other commercial and non-commercial entities.  Whatever the application we are certain we can assist you with your satellite tracking requirement.