With industry-leading vessel tracking solutions that incorporate two-way SATCOM, visual maps, geofences, weather metrics, and AIS data overlays, situational awareness and powerful real-time fleet management can be efficiently achieved.


Real-time tracking devices from Blue Sky Network are suitable for airliners, private jets, helicopters, and more. This, integrated with satellite voice and two-way messaging, makes for a complete solution that is designed to improve safety and reduce operational costs.



Blue Sky Network's high-quality voice communication solutions are used all around the world for business continuity and emergency contingency plans. From permanent satellite phone installations or removable satellite handsets for grab-and-go use, there are solutions available to ensure people, and businesses, stay connected, and operations remain running.


Dual-mode satellite and cellular vehicle tracking and telematics devices can be applied to any type of vehicle, wherever it is on the planet. Supercharge this with global voice communications for a packaged-up solution that improves the safety and efficiency of the fleet.

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