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Thuraya offers a wide range of satellite phones from basic handhelds to larger systems that can be fixed or mounted. Thuraya satellite mobile devices can bring voice and data communication to out of reach locations. They are user-friendly, offer excellent value for money, and are always made from high-quality, durable materials. These modern handsets range from touch-screen satellite smartphones to basic voice only handsets suiting a wide range of users from explorers and adventurers looking to remote workers such as NGO staff moving between countries.


Having access to the internet in remote locations is a modern marvel made possible with networks like Thuraya. Not only does the network cover large parts of the earth where cellular data simply does not reach, but they also have a range of high-tech products compatible with the network so you can do everything you love whilst on the move. Thuraya satellite devices allow you to browse the internet, send and receive emails, send files and images or even stream live video.



Having access to high-speed broadband away from land is something every modern vessel needs, and Thuraya makes that a reality. They offer reliable products with satellite capabilities so that mariners whether recreational or commercial have the ability to get around 444kb per second of connectivity.

This means they can safely plan their routes, stay up to date with the latest weather forecasts, and call for help in an emergency situation in the middle of the ocean. Many of the marine satellite communication products available allow web browsing, voice transfer, GPS, SMS texting and geofencing capabilities – a lifeline for every crew member when travelling away from family and friends.

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