SolarTrack Satellite Tracker

SolarTrack Satellite Tracker


SolarTrack is the complete satellite tracking and monitoring solution for your remote assets - powered by the sun there is no need for external antennas or power cables ensuring setup time is minimal while cost-effective, unlimited messaging plans satisfy budget requirements.

SolarTrack Quick Facts:

  • Size: 58 x 32 x 18.5mm
  • Weight: 24g
  • Charge time: 5hrs in full sun from dead battery
  • Message frequency: 30mins to 24hrs

SolarTrack Satellite Tracker


SolarTrack is an ideal new solution for many remote IoT and asset tracking applications where access to cellular networks is impractical or non-existent.  SolarTrack provides constant communication with the Globalstar Low Earth Orbit satellite network to delivery near global tracking capabilities suitable for livestock, lone workers, fleet management, fuel management, security personnel, event management and SCADA.





SolarTrack uses the Globalstar satellite network to transmit GPS co-ordinates back to the mapping portal as often as every five minutes. Satellite capability means even in remote locations you can be sure your assets are safe with near real time updates.


SolarTrack is easily configured to your specific requirements via Bluetooth.  Bluetooth capablity means the tracker can also be integrated as part of a SCADA system to transmit information from remote sensors monitoring assets such as pipelines, agricultural watering systems and security systems.


SolarTrack requires a messaging plan to transmit information.




SolarTrack Key Features:

Compact, ruggedised design

SolarTrack is small enough to be discreet and installed on the smallest of spaces while tough enough to survive the elements on assets operating in extreme environments.

Internal satellite and GPS antennas

No need for external antennas, the SolarTrack system is contained within the one small unit.

Easy to install or mount on any asset

Its small size means SolarTrack can be utilized even when space is at a premium so that even your smallest assets can be monitored in near real time.

View GPS locations online

All GPS co-ordinates obtained by SolarTrack will be transmitted via the Globalstar satellite network to our GTCTrack Mapping Portal.  Alternatively locations can be received to your own corporate server (one-off fee and mapping subscription applies).

Set-up Geofencing alerts

Using GTCTrack geo-fencing alerts can be setup to notify you when your assets move in or out of a pre-defined area.


With coverage in over 120 countries across the world and many ocean covered areas, SolarTrack can keep you in contact with friends, family and colleagues in areas where mobile phones don’t offer a connection, even in the most remote areas of the world.

GTCTrack Web Based Mapping Portal

SolarTrack is compatible with our GTCTrack Mapping Portal - a cloud based system to view your assets in real-time with a variety of alerts, reports and map views incorporated. Android and iOS apps are also available.

GTCTrack is compatible with any GPS enabled cellular or satellite tracker or phone. Devices working on multiple networks and manufactured by different brands can all be monitored in one easy to use portal.

GTCTrack pairs enhanced security, expanded compatibility and seamless updates to deliver the ultimate global asset monitoring and tracking solution.

GTCTrack Features:

  • Notifications and message alerts can be sent directly to the holder of the device via email
  • Geo-Fencing capabilities
  • Global Tracking
  • Multiple layer options and map views
  • Inclusive to all devices with GPS tracking capabilities
  • Past-tracking data points are always accessible, until the device is de-activated
  • Mapping and asset grouping customisation options are available
  • Data Reporting and Scheduling functions
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Service SolarTrack 3 SolarTrack 12*
Activation Fee $30.00 $30.00
Monthly Fee $25.00 $40.00
Minimum Term 3 Months 12 Months
Includes Hardware
Includes Unlimited Messages
Includes Mapping Portal

*Please ensure you contact us via phone or email if you wish to subscribe to this service package. 



Dimensions 58 x 32 x 18.5 mm
Weight 24g
Mounts Animal Ear Tag (2g) or Multipurpose Clip (5g)
Power Solar Charging
Solar Charge Rate .125 watts
5 hours of direct sunlight to fully charge from a dead battery
3 hours of direct daily sunlight to keep fully charged at 30 minute reporting rate
Battery Type Lithium Polymer
Battery Charge Time Dependent on sun exposure*
Battery Capacity 150mAh
Battery Lithium Content 0.054 grams (0.002 ounces)
Expected Battery Life (without charging the battery) Reporting Interval Battery Life
30 minutes 1.5 days
60 minutes 3 days
240 minutes 10 days
720 minutes 19 days
1440 minutes 28 days

15-minute report rate is the absolute maximum sustainable reporting rate, with ideal solar conditions.

Conditions that will ultimately affect this reporting rate include: Aging of solar cells, aging of battery which accelerates at high temperatures, temperature of battery for discharge which degrades at low temperatures.

*A minimum amount of sunlight may be required for the solar panel to begin charging the battery. If sunlight is not available (cloudy day), the device can be configured via the mobile application.

Device Limitations:

  • Limited satellite coverage
  • Suggested maximum reporting rate is 30 minutes for average conditions
  • Transmits Only / No Send-Command or Over-the-Air Config



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