GTC's commitment to providing reliable and innovative satellite solutions has propelled us to the forefront of the satellite industry. Among the range of devices we offer, the SPOT range of satellite messengers and SmartOne asset trackers stand out as beacons of efficiency and security, and have been some of our most popular selling products over many years of supplying satellite communications.

Therefore, our recent milestone achievement of selling over 45,000 Globalstar satellite enabled devices marks a significant triumph in the world of connectivity, navigation, and safety on land and at sea.

By providing Globalstar’s SPOT satellite enabled messengers, including the SPOTGen4, SPOT X Bluetooth, and previous legacy devices to thousands of our customers, GTC has enabled users including lone workers, recreational users and disaster relief organizations to transmit via satellite their GPS location, check-in messages and make SOS requests for help if needed. Nearly 10,000 SPOT users have requested emergency response at the push of a button during an emergency situation.

Globalstar SmartOne satellite trackers and SPOT Trace offer a multitude of benefits for asset tracking and monitoring applications. These compact and cost-effective devices provide near-global coverage using Globalstar's satellite network, ensuring reliable connectivity and real-time tracking capabilities, even in remote or challenging environments where traditional cellular networks may be unavailable. With long battery life and customizable reporting intervals, SmartOne trackers offer efficient and long-term asset monitoring without the need for frequent battery replacements. GTC’s SolarTrack asset tracking device also allows long term tracking without the need for battery replacement by using the power of the sun.

David Phipps, Managing Director of GTC, stated, "I am incredibly proud of our outstanding accomplishment in selling over 45,000 Globalstar satellite IoT devices to customers all around the world. This milestone underscores our dedication to delivering innovative satellite communication solutions that empower individuals and businesses globally. Our team's dedication, outstanding support from Globalstar, and the trust of our loyal customers have been instrumental in reaching this milestone, and we look forward to continuing to deliver unparalleled connectivity and reliability in the years ahead."

This achievement not only underscores GTC's dedication to excellence but also highlights the growing importance of satellite communication in an increasingly connected world. As more individuals and businesses recognise the value of staying connected beyond the reach of traditional networks, GTC stands ready to meet their needs with innovative solutions and unwavering commitment.

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