Team Tracking & Location

Monitor the real time location of your teams in the field, schedule check-ins, create geofences, view heat maps, all from the powerful EVERYWHERE Hub.

Global Incident Command System

With customizable 24/7 coverage, the EVERYWHERE platform allows users to activate an SOS knowing they can communicate with remote teams, dispatchers and rescuers through the EVERYWHERE Mobile App and inReach by Garmin.


Secure Messaging

Engineered with EVERYWHERE Intelligent Routing, the platform securely sends your team's messaging through the fastest available data connection – WiFi, cellular or Iridium Satellite – to ensure quick, reliable communications worldwide.

Using EVERYWHERE inReach Technology to coordinate rescue mission

A team of deployed news reporters in Ukraine found themselves pinned down by Russian gunfire, forcing them to seek immediate shelter in a nearby abandoned factory.

They relied on their inReach handheld tracker device to coordinate a rescue mission.

The local police were able to find them using their movement history and real-time movements logged on the EVERYWERE Communications Hub.

From there, the police were able to transport the news team back to the centre of Kyiv safely, however, had they not been carrying their handheld tracker, no-one would have been made aware of their position, and the situation could have ended up very differently.

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