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Please note: you cannot call emergency services or 999 from a satellite phone. Why book your sate...


Why Choose GTC for Your Inmarsat Satellite Phone Rental?

Cost-Effective: Our rental service offers daily rates from just £7.50 per day, making it an affordable solution for short-term communication needs.

Global Coverage: The IsatPhone 2 operates worldwide, ensuring you stay connected even in remote locations.

Easy Booking Process: Select your rental dates using our online calendar, and we’ll deliver the phone one business day before your start date. Return it on your specified end date.

Assistance Button: In case of emergencies, the IsatPhone 2’s assistance button allows you to quickly notify others of your situation.

Free UK Shipping & Returns: Enjoy hassle-free delivery and returns within the UK.

Rent an Inmarsat satellite phone from GTC and stay connected

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