Cost-Effective Tracking Solutions

We offer a variety of satellite asset trackers that can be used to remotely monitor fixed or mobile assets. Our specialised devices are discreet, compact, and best of all, they needn’t cost the earth. Built with rugged exterior housings, they are also made for harsh environments and can handle heavy impacts with ease. Whatever your concern, whether it’s anti-theft or maximising a vehicle’s travel efficiency, an asset tracker uses motion sensors combined with its internal antenna to offer real-time tracking from anywhere in the world.


The open ocean is arguably one of the places where asset trackers are needed most. Whether you are remotely monitoring valuable resources on board a shipping container or receiving the location of a vessel itself, our asset trackers deliver reliable GPS coordinates at all times thanks to their globally-reaching satellite operating networks.


Government & Enterprise

Our trackers let dispatchers geo-fence key areas of operation and will receive alerts when the assets - or people - within them enter or leave the custom-configured boundaries. Geo-fencing gives you peace of mind that your priority assets are where they need to be at all times.


For continuous real-time vehicle location monitoring, or even if you are leaving your beloved vehicle behind for a few weeks, install an asset tracker anywhere on or in the vehicle and receive updates of its location through the power of the Iridium, Globalstar, or Inmarsat satellite networks. From cars and jet skis to caravans and motorbikes, a tracker will ping you the GPS coordinates for assured peace of mind.



For modern farms and farmers, it is critical that crops, livestock, and farming vehicles and equipment can be tracked remotely at all times. With so much risk involved with farming such as vehicle theft, for example, being able to reliably and consistently check an asset's precise location is an invaluable aspect of today's agricultural industry. Some of our trackers come with sensor technology allowing for enhanced data logging capabilities such as remote temperature and humidity monitoring - ideal for ensuring crops are being stored in suitable conditions.


Install a satellite asset tracker on something you want to protect and be notified of any unauthorised movement, from anywhere in the world, even in the middle of the ocean. Set up geofencing around your valuable assets and receive an alert when they travel out of their user-defined regions; our asset trackers can be used as the ideal anti-theft solutions.


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