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AssetLink provides ground-breaking technology solutions for the physical world of field operations. With AssetPack from AssetLink, you can keep track of assets via intelligent satellite-enabled hardware as well as a cloud computing stack. What does this mean for your business? It means precision thanks to reliable and remote tracking.

AssetLink don’t just provide another GPS in a box. They've taken the traditional GPS tracker outside of the box and beyond. AssetPack is suitable for multiple market applications, so whether you need simple tracking and tracing or a sensor-based application, you’ve got the right product.

With optimized utilization and demand balancing, AssetLink helps track assets anywhere in the world. Reduce excessive downtime and proactively manage the maintenance of equipment in one place.

AssetLink solutions offer full un-interrupted connection worldwide. This includes two-way communication anywhere on the globe. Both you and your customers will have full control over the deployed equipment.

Finally, on-board business operational intelligence is provided for upgrading over time. Your unit can be upgraded as customer requirements change in 7-10 years.

Benefits of AssetLink Devices

    ✔ Cost-efficiency – solutions affordable for all

    ✔ Global Coverage Satellite – stay connected no matter where you are

    ✔ Satellite & Cellular Hybrid Connectivity

    ✔ Solar Rechargeable Battery providing 7-10 years of no-touch maintenance

    ✔ Wide range of condition-based alarms and behaviours and sensor compatibility enabling

    ✔ On-Board Geofencing Intelligent response to approaching and crossing perimeters

    ✔ Simple to complex monitoring applications

    ✔ Standard Safe Operation in Hazardous Locations US/CA Class 1, Division 2; ATEX Zone 2 Hazardous Location Safe

    ✔ Easy Installation

AssetLink serves vast markets with a modular and integrated IoT device platform to connect assets.

AssetLink transforms the way many sectors operate, including Agriculture, Energy, Maritime, Public Sectors, and Transportation. Here’s how:


Remotely access information from sensors in the field simply and conveniently with solar connectivity. Find out water and energy usage in an instant to increase productivity and increase your crop yields.


Connect energy ecosystems to bring about increased infrastructure, efficiency, and resilience on an industrial scale.  Integrate with sensors to detect leakages in pipelines, malfunction within the network and enable automation of processes.



Use AssetLink devices to expand visibility and take control of maritime assets via satellite connectivity.  Integrate with sensors to detect container door opening, movement within the container, temperature and many other factors.

Public Sectors

Provision of edge intelligence to military, government, and public organizations for better management of operations while telematics intelligence brings about better safety compliance and profitability for transport systems.


AssetLink Hardware

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Case Study | Schlumberger Oil & Gas Asset Monitoring

Schlumberger needed to monitor 14,000 drilling, fracking and cementing assets across 45 countries and thousands of worksites. The aim was to improve efficiency, increase utilization and limit downtime.

AssetPack-3 trackers were installed on each asset in less than one year with upgrades developed to add custom sensors.

Successfully coordinating equipment and lowering CAPEX costs, the project was the highest ROI IT project in Schlumberger's history.

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