expedition medicine sierra leoneWestern Africa is an area plagued by infectious diseases that devastate millions each and every year. Many of these deaths could be prevented if simple, protective equipment were used.

Later this month Expedition Medicine Sierra Leone (EMSL), a charitable trust established by four medical students, will begin to drive a 9,000 mile journey from Brighton to Sierra Leone and back again on a medically oriented expedition to reduce the spread of disease. They will conduct an investigation into the impact of medical equipment that protects against pandemics of infectious diseases in Western Africa. Once they reach Sierra Leone they intend to improve the medical systems that currently exist in three ways:

  • They will volunteer their medical skills.

They have arranged to work in the Holy Spirit Hospital in the third largest town in Sierra Leone. The hospital has just three doctors and the help and skills that EMSL can offer will undoubtedly have a massive impact and will make a lasting impression to an area that is struggling under the burden of infectious disease.

  • Second, they will deliver essential supplies.

The use of protective medical equipment in the areas that they plan to visit is alarmingly low. After receiving appeals from health centres in Sierra Leone, Guinea and Senegal they plan to deliver essential medical supplies personally to the areas that are in greatest need.

  • Third, they will conduct a research project.

EMSL hope that their expedition will have a lasting effect. They plan to investigate if the use of protective equipment in hospitals is effective in the hope that they can then share their findings and educate the areas that are struggling. If it is not, they aim to discover what elements can be improved.

We believe that EMSL are going to make a real difference and we were more than happy to help with their expedition so gave them a great deal on the DeLorme inReach satellite tracker and a SmartOne Satellite Tracker, both of which will make communications possible even when they are in areas with no mobile phone coverage.

DeLorme inReach Satellite Tracker


Tom Lever of EMSL told us:

“This journey crosses some particularly dangerous areas including Mauritania. Passing through such areas without taking precautions would be naïve. Satellite_Tracking will enable instant two-way communications with our UK based support team. Additionally, we were also keeping all our followers up to date on our progress. Importantly satellite communications will enable immediate backup and contact in an emergency situation. EMSL approached a number of companies for advice regarding the necessary equipment.

SmartOne Satellite Tracker


GTC advised the "SmartOne Satellite Tracker" and the "DeLorme inReach" as most suited for tracking both our assets and personnel. The reason we chose GTC was primarily because of the quick speedy response. We received from Jenna via both phone and email, alongside a good price of course. EMSL would like to thank GTC for their help and knowledge regarding their satellite communications for their trip.”

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