PureGymThe PureGym National Relay starts Tuesday 18th June to raise money for Mental Health UK. We are supporting this event with our SPOT Gen 3 Trackers. Supporters will be able to follow the PureGym team members across the country 

The PureGym National Relay

The PureGym National Relay is a week-long charity relay for PureGym colleagues and Personal Trainers (PTs). The relay is starting in Aberdeen and they will pass the baton down to Plymouth. More than 1,500 PureGym team members will come together to run, cycle, walk, skateboard and scooter across Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales and England. They will cover 3,000 miles! Members from over 235 gyms will take part in small groups of 2-60 people, as well as be on the support team. They are raising money for Mental Health UK, to highlight the link between mental health and physical health. This target is to reach £250,000 of donations by Day 1 on 18th June 2019.
      • Start: 12 midday Tue 18th June 2019 at Aberdeen Shiprow
      • Finish: 12 midday Tue 25th June 2019 at Plymouth gym and The Hoe, Plymouth
The PureGym team members are getting involved through a full range of activities: Run, Cycle, Walk, 3- legged walking, Wheelbarrow, Rollerblades, Static rowers on ferry, Conga Carnival, Skateboard, Kayak, Canoe, Scooter, Weighted run with vests, sandbags, Dribbling a football, Game of leapfrog, Weighted Farmers Walk using kettlebells, Tandem cycling, Office Chair & Walking.

SPOT Gen 3 Trackers

Our SPOT Gen 3 tracker is a personal tracking and satellite messaging device. This tracker is allowing teams to keep in touch with supporters. The device is tracking their progress as well as providing essential peace of mind with an SOS function, in case the worse happens. They can be attached to bikes or even helmets with our Giant Loop Tracker Packer and carabiner.

Follow PureGym

Follow the team member's progress via the SPOT mapping page or on social media. Join the conversation with #ShareTheWeight. You can follow the team's progress and donate via their mapping page.

Contact Us

If you have a challenge that requires our support or you would like to know more about our trackers, contact us.

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