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Global Telesat Communications (GTC) is pleased to announce that we now have airtime rates available for the new IsatPhone Pro. Inmarsat are proving very competitive with their sat phone call charges on both pre-paid and post-paid airtime for their Global Satellite Phone Service (GSPS).

Inmarsat GSPS Pre-Paid Airtime

Other satellite networks such as Iridium and Thuraya offer a range of validity periods on different vouchers which can become confusing. Inmarsatare offering a flat two year validity on all pre-paid vouchers, even the smaller denominations. This is great for customers who only use their sat phone in emergencies but don't want to lose their credit if they don't use it. What's more the rate per minute works out to be good value with costs varying from £0.61 - £1.00 per minute to fixed lines depending on the volume of airtime you buy. A drawback for some pre-paid users will be that currently pre-paid service may not be used for calls within, from or to the United States. This will be resolved at a later date.

Inmarsat GSPS Post-Paid Airtime

All other satellite phone networks offer a standard contract with a 12 month minimum period. Inmarsat are breaking boundaries by offering 3 different contracts, all with no activation fee and two of which have no minimum term! This makes the IsatPhonevery flexible for those occasional users. For those who frequently use their sat phone Inmarsat is offering two plans which have inclusive minutes making call costs even cheaper. Call costs to a fixed line range from £0.60 - £0.66 per minute depending on which plan you choose.
Summary of IsatPhone Pro Post-Paid Plans
Standard Plan
Allowance 20 Plan
Allowance 60 Plan
Monthly Fee
Inclusive Minutes Each Month
Minimum Contract Duration (Months)
* Allowance for Voice to Fixed traffic only. No rollover of unused minutes.

** Allowance is for mobile originated traffic to fixed/cellular/voicemail/GSPS/SPS/BGAN/FBB/SBB. No rollover of unused minutes.

Why choose the Standard Plan?

Although, there are no inclusive minutes, post-paid does have advantages over prepaid. Without pre-paid vouchers you do not have to worry about topping up your airtime, running out of credit or losing credit after validity periods have ended - you will always be able to make a call. Considering there is no minimum contract on the Standard Plan, it is still a very flexible option for occasional users. GTC are proud to be a verified bronze partner of Inmarsat. Therefore, you can trust us with your IsatPhone Pro handset and airtime purchase.

For advice on which IsatPhone airtime plan will suit your requirements please contact us.

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