Indian Government Guidelines for Satellite Phones The Government of India have reiterated their guidelines for tourists planning to take satellite phones to India.

Guidelines for Satellite Phones

Tourists are not allowed to bring satellite phones into India. However, after several violations of these rules have been discovered the Indian Embassy in Abu Dhabi have issued a statement to remind everyone that they are not permitted:

"As per the guidelines issued by Government of India, foreigners on tourist visas are not allowed to carry satellite phones to India. Therefore, it is requested that the foreigners intending to visit India should not carry satellite phones with them while travelling to India," the mission said in a media statement issued on Monday.

India tightened their rules on satellite communication devices after the 26/11 terrorist attacks in Mumbai. It was found that terrorists had used satellite phones as a means to communicate without being tracked by government agencies. Therefore, unless you have special permits to carry satellite phones in India they will be confiscated. Please take note of this reminder, and advise other tourists to avoid any inconvenience that this may cause.

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