EVERYWHERE Communications provide global connectivity and situational awareness for teams in the field through the use of customised Garmin inReach® hardware and their own EVERYWHERE Hub and EVERYWHERE App software solutions. Operative managers are able to communicate with their team in the field from any location on earth.

A recent rescue operation using EVERYWHERE Communications technology highlights the power and efficiency of an inReach device and the globally-connected International Emergency Response Coordination Center (IERCC). The incident involved an employee of a large international forestry company who was critically injured while working alone, beyond the reach of any mobile phone coverage in an isolated area of Canada.

The individual, Joe, found himself 100 miles from civilisation in the heavily wooded Canadian wilderness. His job was to provide insight into reforestation areas, so he needed to use an ATV to take him further and further into the forest. He drove another five miles deeper into the extremely rugged terrain when his ATV rolled over, trapping his leg between the vehicle and a fallen tree.

Joe was able to rely on EVERYWHERE Communications as he triggered an SOS call from his inReach device at the push of a button. From there the IERCC, together with his employer and colleagues, were notified and rescue efforts began immediately. The forestry administrator sent paramedics on a private helicopter, and the IERCC notified the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, who deployed search and rescue.

Making use of the custom messaging option on his inReach tracker, Joe was able to send a message that said: "Uncontrolled shakes sign of shock".

As the automatic location tracking updated the whereabouts of team members, the IERCC and Joe’s rescue team watched the EVERYWHERE Hub as the dots on the map zoned in on Joe.

Deployed helicopters arrived after two hours, during which time other teammates had arrived on scene to coordinate evacuation. It took 10 people 30 minutes to carry Joe to the helicopter in order to conclude the successful rescue.

Download the case study PDF here.

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