On the 17th Jan Antony Jinman reached the South Pole and fulfilled his childhood dream of reaching both the North and South Pole. He became one of only a handful of Britons to achieve this feat and it was on a special date for Antony- the anniversary of the date that his hero Captain Scott first reached the South Pole in 1912.

AJ South Pole 1Antony Jinman is the founder and CEO of Education through Expeditions (ETE), a social enterprise set up to inspire young people to learn more about the world around them and follow their dreams.

He arrived on the ice on the 23rd November and set off on his solo journey across Antarctica- reaching the South Pole less than two months later after skiing for a grueling 730 miles! Once he had arrived he had his photo taken next to the engraved South Pole and said "I’m delighted with how things have gone, my training for the project, and all of the help and support from schools across the UK and further afield (for example the Service Children’s Schools in Germany)."

DeLorme-inReach-SE-Satellite-TrackerAntony embarked on this expedition not only to achieve his own lifetime goal but as a means to inspire and educate children. We lent a DeLorme inReach SE to Antony so that his expedition could be completely interactive and school children from all over the country would be able to ask him questions and track his progress online. The DeLorme inReach SE can send and receive messages and tracking signals from anywhere in the world and is designed for maximum durability in harsh environments, making it the perfect travel companion for Antony on his solo expedition.

Antony wants to promote healthy nutrition and lifestyle in schools and has created a variety of activities and resources to teach children about diet, exercise and human biology in an interactive way. ETE’s research has proven that interactivity can have a significant impact on classroom learning, achievement and pupil aspiration. The expedition also gave Antony an opportunity to teach people about the environment of the South Pole and potentially inspire a future generation of explorers!

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