ACR OLAS Extender (for Core & Guardian)
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ACR OLAS Extender (for Core & Guardian)


For vessels up to 80ft, ACR OLAS Extender adds range to your existing OLAS setup and is compatible with the two main base alert systems as well as the Float-On transmission device and OLAS Tag.  Peace of mind that you will get the highest transmission levels possible in case of emergency.

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ACR OLAS Extender (for Core & Guardian)


Whilst the main devices of ACR OLAS work perfectly well for smaller boats up to 50ft, one of the limitations of the OLAS Guardian and OLAS Core is their range. If you have a larger vessel up to 80ft then you have the option of adding the OLAS Extender to your existing setup, giving you a much wider transmission range.


The device is compatible with the two main base alert systems, as well as the Float-On transmission device and the OLAS Tag, providing you with the peace of mind that you will get the highest transmission levels possible in case of emergency.


Why is the range of transmission important?

Due to the way the whole OLAS system works, Overboard Location Alert System, the Bluetooth connection can measure how far you are away from the main control system that is monitoring you via the watch-like Tag on your wrist.


If you are on a boat that is just 25ft long, then if you go overboard and your boat continues away from you a further 30ft, then an alarm will trigger as you’ve exceeded the distance of this virtual tether. However, on a longer boat of maybe 60ft or 80ft if the main base control device is situated at one end of the boat, then if you walk 50ft to the back of the boat, the device is going to think you’ve exceeded the distance and have gone overboard, triggering the alarm unnecessarily.


What the OLAS Extender does is increase the distance you can be away from the boat console, so you and your crew can walk around the whole vessel without the alarm triggering, however if you then go overboard and the vessel moves away, only then will the alarm sound.


ACR OLAS Extender Key Features:

  • Extends range up to 80ft
  • Can be configured with existing devices
  • Effective virtual tethering
  • Compatible with Tag and Float-On
  • Alarm sounds within 5 seconds
  • Audio and visual alarm features
  • For use on recreational and commercial vessels
  • Can be paired with smartphones
  • Fully integrated app
  • Precise GPS and time information
  • Recovery made easy with latitude and longitude
  • Works where signals may usually be blocked
  • Waterproof housing
  • Uses Bluetooth technology
  • A rechargeable battery or hardwired
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Dimensions (H,L,W)

3.6”x3.5”x1.5” / 92x90x38 mm

Weight 4.06 Ounces (115 g)
Operation Switch OLAS GUARDIAN or CORE into paring mode and switch OLAS EXTENDER on by pressing the button once.
Power/Current 5V / 13-17mA
MOB System

Track up to 15 different OLAS transmitters with 1 phone/tablet via the OLAS GUARDIAN or CORE.

The ALARM sounds within 2-4 seconds of a Man Overboard situation. The system records the MOB location using your phone/tablets GPS and directs the boat back to the last known location for a quick and easy recovery.

Compatible with the ACR OLAS Guardian, Extender, Mobile App, Float-On, and Tag.

Mobile App

IOS and Android (Free Download)

Connect multiple OLAS transmitters to 1 phone or tablet

Connect 1 OLAS transmitter to multiple phones / tablets

Solo Mode (Text Message Alerts to Emergency Contacts with GPS coordinates)

Download the ACR OLAS App on the App store or get it on Google Play: Search ‘ACR OLAS’

Range For use with vessels up to 80 feet (OLAS GUARDIAN or CORE required).
Buoyant No
Waterproof Yes (IP67)
Housing Material ABS
Bluetooth 4.2 + 5.0
Applications Recreational and Commercial Boating
Accessories (included) USB Charging Cable
Approvals FCC, RED, CE, RoHS 2.0


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