Please consult this support section for questions relating to your Inmarsat IsatPhone Pro. You may also find the support section of the Inmarsat website of use for topics not covered on our own website:

Inmarsat IsatPhone Pro Support Website

If you have questions on using your IsatPhone please call us on 01202 801290.

Global Telesat Hints & Tips

We've put together some of our hints and tips to enable you to get started with your IsatPhone Pro as soon as possible!

Download IsatPhone Pro Hints & Tips

How do I upgrade the firmware on my IsatPhone Pro?

Follow our instructions at our dedicated Support Site: IsatPhone Pro Firmware Upgrade

How do I make a free test call on my IsatPhone?

If you haven't used your IsatPhone Pro for a long period of time, then why not check everything is still fine by making a free call. Simply dial +870776999999 from your handset to complete this.

How do I set up voicemail on my IsatPhone?

Setting up voicemail for the first time:

To access voicemail:

Dial one of the following access codes:

  1. Full number: 00 870 772 001 899
  2. Short code: 570
  3. IsatPhone Pro users can speed dial by pressing 1: hold down the 1 key until the call is Initiated

The first time you access voicemail, you will be led through the setup procedure by the automated voice.

As part of this procedure, you are asked to select your preferred language, enter a PIN number and
record a voicemail greeting.

Note: Your account cannot be setup if you do not complete this initial procedure.
Note: You must use the terminal or handset associated with your subscription to setup the account.

  1. Access voicemail from your satellite phone using one of the access codes shown in accessing voicemail above.
  2. When prompted, select your preferred language from the list presented. Following this selection, the rest of the voicemail application will be presented in your chosen language. English is the default (key 1). See Set preferred language on page 10 for a full list of language options.
  3. You will be asked to enter a new 4-digit PIN followed by the # key.
    Note: The # key is referred to as the “hash” key by the automated voice (also known as the pound key in some countries).
  4. You will be asked to confirm the 4-digit PIN followed by the # key. If the PINs you entered match, you are informed that the PIN has been changed.
    Note: You must enter a PIN when setting up voicemail for the first time. Subsequently, you will only be asked for your PIN when you call from a phone other than your own terminal. If you want to disable this feature, you can do so at any time after completing the initial set up. See Changing the PIN skip settings on page 8 for details.

Depending on how your mailbox is set up, you may also need:

  1. The phone number supplied to you by your Service Provider as part of your subscription.
  2. Your mailbox PIN. You choose your PIN when you first set up your mailbox.

Enter these if prompted. You will hear the automated greeting when you have successfully accessed voicemail

Where can I download the IsatPhone Pro Quick Start Guide?

Download IsatPhone Pro Quick Start Guide

How do I set-up my IsatPhone Pro with Twitter?

Twitter is available on IsatPhone Pro via its SMS functionality. Firstly, link your existing twitter account by visiting

You can find detailed instructions on our blog Using the IsatPhone Pro In-Built Twitter Menu...

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