One of the first things you should do after purchasing a Thuraya satellite phone is load it up with the best airtime voucher for your needs as soon as possible to avoid delays or disappointment. Whether you are off on an expedition or require a Thuraya phone for a work-related research project, the phone itself will be unusable without Thuraya airtime.

Applying Prepaid Airtime to Your Thuraya Satellite Phone

With a Thuraya prepaid SIM card, your Thuraya satellite phone is loaded up and ready to go as soon as you have applied the prepaid voucher. The easiest and most flexible way to use your Thuraya satellite phone or IP terminal is with a prepaid SIM card and prepaid Thuraya airtime vouchers. No monthly contract is required and prepaid airtime can be used in any of the 140 countries in Thuraya's coverage zone.

Types of Thuraya Prepaid Airtime

At GTC, we offer three options for pre-paid airtime:

  • Standard prepaid

1-year validity | 10 units initial credit | Flat pricing across Thuraya coverage area

  • Nova prepaid

1-year validity | 10 units initial credit | Varied pricing depending on call location

  • Backup prepaid

5-year validity | 10 units initial credit | Flat pricing across Thuraya coverage area

Thuraya Coverage Area

One of the first things we will tell you if you enquire about Thuraya airtime is that the Thuraya network itself only operates in certain parts of the world. We would not recommend using a Thuraya phone in the Americas or Canada because the network caters for 140 nations in the EMEA & APAC regions.


Be sure to top your Thuraya satellite phone up as soon as you have purchased it to avoid arriving at your destination only to find the phone is unusable. You will want to apply airtime in good time so that your Thuraya device can be tested and performance checked. And remember to only opt for a Thuraya phone and airtime package if you are travelling or operating in the relevant regions.

As always, our team of experts is here to help. So, if you need any advice about Thuraya Prepaid Airtime Top-Ups or other airtime options, contact us via:

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