10 years - Blog-Header (59) This week marks 10 years since Global Telesat Communications opened its doors. Since December 2008, GTC has been selling satellite communications to customers across the world. As the business has grown, we stock many more products since the beginning, including the Thuraya XT-PRO Dual. Also, our customer base has grown too, with us now selling to over 30,000 customers in 130 countries!

Our History

The Early Years (2008-2012)

GTC is a family run business that opened its doors in December 2008. We spent the early years selling satellite communications hardware and airtime, and then launched our rental service in 2010. As the business grew, we revamped our website in 2011 and joined Amazon as a seller in 2012. 2008-2012 - sponsors

Half a Decade of Business (2013-2014)

By 2013, we stocked the Iridium 9575 Extreme, SPOT Gen 3 and started selling inReach Devices. We launched our online mapping service, GTCTrack in 2013, then introduced the GTCTrack App a year later. In 2014 we introduced more new products, including the Thuraya XT-LITE, Iridium GO! , inReach Explorer, SPOT Trace and IsatPhone 2. Also. we sponsored our GTC customer, Dave Cornthwaite, and provided Satellite Phones for the Tour de France. 2014 - sponsors (Dave Cornthwaite, GTCTrack, Tour de France)

Change of Scenery (2015)

In 2015, we broaden our rental service to include Satellite Phones, Trackers, Wi-Fi hotspots and BGAN units. We also continued to sponsor events specifically the Marathon des Sables and supported more GTC customers such as Alex Hibbert, David Hempleman and Sam Greatrex. 2015 also marked the year we merged with Orbital Satcom and moved to premises at Nuffield Road. 2015 - sponsors (Alex Hibbert, David Hempleman and Marathon des Sables)

More and More Devices (2016)

By 2016, we stocked more new products including the SatSleeve+, SatSleeve Hotspot, XT-PRO and XT-PRO Dual from Thuraya, SmarOne C, Iridium PTT and ACR Aqualink 350B PLB! Additionally, we increased our sponsorships by supporting Team Rubicon, Paul Sinclair, John Beardmore, Roy Partington and the Blackmore 2 Black Sea expeditions.

2016 - sponsors

(John Beardmore, Roy Partington and Team Rubicon)

Another Milestone (2017)

2017 marked another milestone for SPOT, as we reach over 10,000 sales of SPOT devices by January 2017. The inReach SE+ from Garmin joined our product portfolio and we sponsored a familiar face, Dave Cornthwaite on another expedition. We also supported the Mongol Rally and local World Record holders on their Oarsome Odyssey. 2017 - sponsors (Oarsome Odyssey, Dave Cornthwaite and Mongol Rally)

A Decade in Business (2018)

2018 marks our 10th Anniversary in business and we have achieved some huge milestones along the way! This year we sponsored World Record holder, Ross Edgely, as well as Jenny Davis, Louis-Philippe Loncke and the Last Night a DJ Saved My LIfe expedition. Our team has also grown to 14 Employees as we continue to expand our business - which now consists of a broad product portfolio and selling products to over 30,000 customers in 130 countries. 2018 - sponsors (Ross Edgely, Jenny Davis and Last Night a DJ Saved My Life) Thank you to all our customers for their continued support. For more information on the products mentioned above or enquiries into a sponsorship, please contact us:

Email: info@gtc.co.uk

Phone: +44 1202 801290

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