Flexibility is important to us at Global Telesat Communications (GTC). That’s why we offer our customers the opportunity to rent a satellite communications device as well as purchase one, whether it’s a satellite phone or a two-way radio rental. Below, we outline the benefits of renting vs. committing to a full-on purchase so you can decide which approach suits you best.

Benefits of Renting

  • No deposit needed*

Unlike what you might come across elsewhere, when you rent a device from GTC, there is no need to put down a large deposit – or any deposit at all! – ahead of your rental period starting. You simply pay for the length of time you need your device.

  • Low daily rate

We are confident that our range of rental options is accessible for a range of budgets, which is why our daily rate starts at just £6. So, if you opted for a Motorola DP1400 radio rental, for example, you could enjoy all the benefits of a market-leading two-way radio at a fraction of the RRP.

  • Free UK shipping & returns

As if our daily rates weren’t appealing enough, we also ship and return absolutely free of charge, relieving you of yet another potential cost barrier, because we just want you to get the most out of your rental without any added stress.

motorola xt460 commercial use

Who Will Renting Benefit?

If you are just starting out with the use of two-way radios in the UK, for example, and you are looking for short-term usage of the devices, we would strongly recommend you consider renting from GTC. Our minimum term is seven days which should give you plenty of time to understand how your device works. However, even if you are travelling to the other side of the world and choose a WiFi hotspot rental or the rental of an Iridium phone to keep in touch with friends and family back home, the chances are you won’t have need for the device when you return home, so renting for a one-off excursion would be sensible too.

Some Two-Way Radio Rental Options Include:

Benefits of Buying:

Committing to the full purchase of a satellite communications device from us would mean you would own one of the market’s top pieces of communications equipment outright, and it would be ready for you to take with you on your next trip, adventure, or excursion. Our team of experts would be able to guide you on your purchase before you buy it, ensuring it is the perfect fit for you if you are unsure, and, we offer Klarna payment plans on all of our products, meaning you can spread the payment over three months, or pay nothing for 30 days after you process your order.

Who Will Benefit From Buying?

Those invested to longer-term satellite communications needs, for example those conducting regular research projects in remote regions, or are in charge of a permanent workforce that requires a suite of communications gear, would benefit significantly from an all-out purchase. We would be able to tweak the purchase to your requirements so you get exactly what you need, and that would be it; you wouldn’t have to worry about a returns deadline and would be able to keep your precious equipment indefinitely.

As always, our team of experts is here to help. So, if you need any advice about renting or buying satellite devices, contact us via:

*excludes satellite phones

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