About Us

Global Telesat Communications (GTC) was established in Poole, UK in 2008 as a family owned and run business, providing satellite communications hardware, airtime, mapping and related services which operate via satellite on the world's leading commercial satellite networks.

We help businesses and individuals to stay connected via voice, data, SOS and tracking services anywhere in the world.

Rapid Growth

After opening our doors in 2008, GTC has grown substantially to where we are today, serving more than 50,000 customers in over 165 countries around the world, and forming strong business partnerships along the way. Thanks to our established position on global e-commerce platforms, our digital operations have helped us to become one of the industry’s leading satellite communication device resellers.


Supporting Competitive & Personal Events

Over the years, we have supported hundreds of sporting events and personal challenges, from the Tour de France, Marathon de Sables, and Mongol Rally, to individuals including Ross Edgely’s Great British Swim: a world record attempt to become the first person to swim the circumference of mainland Great Britain. We also provided satellite communications equipment to two local brothers, team ‘Oarsome Odyssey’, who went on to win a transatlantic row, and Preet Chandi, the first woman of colour to trek unsupported across Antarctica to reach the South Pole.


Commercial Operations

However, our equipment – from two-way radios to personnel or asset trackers, satellite internet, and satellite phones – goes much further than just supporting sports events and personal challenges. Rescue teams on the frontline of natural disasters, livestock and vehicle fleet management, utilities organisations, forestry workers, commercial and leisure marine vessels, and security firms all require reliable, efficient, and cost-effective satellite devices to improve and achieve their commercial objectives, and we are proud to be able to supply such a diverse range of industry sectors.


Satellite Device Rental

Our rental service, which came into existence early on, back in 2010, has meant that we can serve even more custom at a fraction of the product purchase price. It means that anyone taking part in a short-term project or expedition, for example, can benefit from market-leading equipment without committing to a full device purchase.


We have provided satellite solutions for more than 50,000 customers in over 165 countries around the world.
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