Satellite Phone Buying Guide

At Global Telesat Communications, we offer Iridium, Inmarsat and Thuraya Satellite Phones, which are ideal for fulfilling voice and SMS requirements, in remote locations. Some of our Satellite Phones provide data services although the speeds are very slow and only suitable for plain text emails. If you are planning on regularly transferring large amounts of data a satellite broadband terminal may be more suitable.


If you are looking to purchase a satellite phone but don't know where to start, our buying guide is here to help. The following information is designed to help you pick the right satellite phone and airtime options for your requirements.

Which network and satellite phone should you choose?

One of the most important things to consider before buying a satellite phone is the location in which it will be used as not all satellite network operators offer truly global coverage. Additionally, you need to consider whether the phone will be used purely for voice connectivity or if you require advanced functions such as data transmission and GPS tracking capabilities.

Iridium is the only satellite network to offer global coverage whilst Inmarsat offers global coverage excluding the poles.

Thuraya offers a reliable coverage over Europe, Central Africa and large parts of Southern Africa, the Middle East, Central and South Asia as well as Australia.

Our Satellite Phones:

We currently provide Iridium, Inmarsat and Thuraya Satellite Phones. Read about our available satellite phones, to find the right handset for your requirements: Additionally, most of our Satellite Phones are available to rent for short-term requirements, find out more below:

Iridium Satelllite Phones

The Iridium 9555 Satellite Phone and the Iridium 9575 Extreme Satellite Phone (pictured), are available to purchase or rent.

Both Iridium Satellite Phones offer voice, SMS and low-speed internet capabilities anywhere in the world and designed to withstand hard weather conditions, with an IP65 jet water resistant rating. The Iridium 9575 Extreme also offers SOS functions at the push of a button!

Inmarsat Satelllite Phones

The Inmarsat IsatPhone 2 Satellite Phone is available to purchase or rent.

The IsatPhone 2 Satellite Phone offers voice, tracking and navigation capabilities anywhere across the globe, excluding the poles. It also has an SOS button for emergency situations. The Inmarsat IsatPhone has an IP65 jet water resistant rating to withstand rugged environments.

Thuraya Satellite Phones

The Thuraya Satellite Phones available are the Thuraya XT-LITE, Thuraya XT-PRO, Thuraya XT-PRO Dual and Thuraya X5 Touch. They provide voice and messaging capabilities across Europe, Asia, Africa, Australasia and the Middle East.

The Thuraya XT-PRO Dual and Thuraya X5 Touch provide dual-mode satellite and GSM connectivity, while the Thuraya XT-LITE and Thuraya XT-PRO offer cost-effective solutions for satellite communications.

Thuraya Satellite Hotspots

The Thuraya SatSleeve+ and Thuraya SatSleeve Hospot offers coverage across Europe, Asia, Africa, Australasia and the Middle East.

The Thuraya SatSleeve+ transforms your phone into a satellite smartphone with Thuraya connectivity, to access voice, SMS and email capabilities. Similarly, the Thuraya SatSleeve Hotspot can be paired with your phone to enable satellite connectivity, but without needing to physically dock your phone to the hotspot.

Prepaid or a Pay Monthly contract

Your satellite phone needs a SIM card to operate, so if you don’t have one already it’s important to make sure you order the appropriate SIM card when making your purchase from GTC. We offer SIM cards from all the major network providers and most of these are available without charge. We do charge for Thuraya pay-as-you-go SIM cards but these include a small amount of airtime.

You have a choice of two airtime options when buying your SIM card:

  • Prepaid
  • Pay Monthly contracts

The cost of calls and other services used on pay-as-you-go and pay monthly SIM cards vary depending on the service provider used.

Prepaid Airtime

Prepaid airtime allows you to buy a specified amount of units or minutes and once they have been used or expire you can either top-up or purchase a new card. This is very similar to the way that a pay-as-you-go SIM card works for a regular mobile phone. The validity of this pay-as-you-go airtime varies greatly between the different network providers so please check the option you choose is appropriate for your requirements.

Pay Monthly Contracts

Pay Monthly or Post Paid airtime contracts carry a fixed monthly charge in addition to the cost of any voice and data calls you will make using the SIM. If you plan to use your satellite phone regularly throughout the year and do not want to worry about the expiry dates or inconvenience of topping-up prepaid SIM cards you may find it more convenient and cost effective to use a Pay Monthly SIM card.

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