SPOT Satellite GPS Messenger Support

Please see below for answers to common questions relating to the SPOT Satellite GPS Messenger.

You may also find the support section of the SPOT website of use for topics not covered on our own website:

What is the coverage of SPOT?

View the SPOT coverage map.

What satellite network does SPOT use?

SPOT uses the Globalstar simplex data network to transmit messages. Please note that this is separate to the Globalstar voice network and does not suffer the same reliability problems.

How do I activate my SPOT?

All activations of SPOT are provisioned through SPOT themselves. GTC cannot activate SPOT for you. To activate visit and register for an account. You can then set-up your contacts and choose which services you wish to activate.

How much does SPOT airtime cost?

SPOT basic airtime/annual fee costs €99 per year. This is available from This includes unlimited messages sent to email addresses.

The Track Progress feature allows you to automatically transmit your location every 10 minutes is available at an additional €39 per year.

What should I do if my SPOT is lost or stolen?

GTC and SPOT recommend that you suspend your account if your SPOT is lost or stolen. Contact SPOT at +1 408 933 4518 or email

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