The Trek

Preet Chandi is a two-time GTC customer and former Brtish Army officer with an insatiable appetite for pushing social boundaries and proving that nothing is impossible, no matter who you are or where you come from. This manifested as a record-breaking solo, unsupported expedition to Antarctica where Preet skiid from one side of the wintry wilderness to the other. Over two separate phases to the icy continent, Preet managed to write her name into the record books, all while using vital Iridium communications equipment to help her stay in touch as if she had never left home.

"I’ve enjoyed working with GTC for both of my Antarctic Expeditions. I have found their devices really useful and would love to work with them forwhatever is next." Preet Chandi, Antarctic Record-Breaker and GTC Customer

the equipment

Over the course of her two trips to the south pole, Preet spent a number of weeks and months completely cut off from civilisation, requiring the need for voice and data communications that could be made and sent from any location on earth. Iridium's globally-connected 9555 satellite phone and the Iridium GO! satellite hotspot were her salvation in being able to make regular check-in calls to the Antarctic Logistics & Expeditions (ALE) outpost, as well as her family back home where she could dictate her daily blog posts. The GO! hotspot allowed Preet to send photos in order to show off the blisteringly cold conditions she was temporarily living in.


preet reviews the iridium 9555 & iridium go!

the case study

Read more about Preet's satellite communications requirements, how and how her Iridium hardware helped her stay reliably, globally connected right from the mid-Antarctic.

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