‘Polar’ Preet Chandi is no stranger to hiking in the Antarctic having completed a solo, unsupported journey to the centre of the icy snowscape at the start of 2022. She became the first woman of colour to complete such an expedition, all while pulling her pulk (sled) of supplies behind her, and successfully achieving phase one of her overall objective.

Phase two is now on the horizon.

polar preet sled trail

The unthinkably cold Antarctic continent once again awaits Preet and her pulk-load of equipment. But this time she will be out there for double the amount of time, carrying double the amount of food and supplies, travelling double the distance, as she will attempt to travel over 1,000 miles in -50⁰C temperatures.

Successfully crossing the Antarctic from one side to the other would catapult Preet into the record books once again. She would be the first ever female to cross the wintry wilderness solo, and unsupported.

polar preet pulling sled


However, despite 70+ days of loneliness in the frozen Antarctic wastes, the use of Iridium satellite equipment, proudly supplied once again by GTC, may make Preet feel a lot closer to home. The global connectivity of Iridium satellite phones and WiFi hotspot that Preet will have with her means she is only ever a satellite phone call away from human contact. And when she wants to post updates to social media, personal blogs, or send email and SMS messages, her WiFi hotspot will let her do this.

Preet will set off on her record-breaking adventure towards the end of October 2022, hoping to return in the New Year. Ahead of her departure, she gave a thoroughly inspiring speech at her send-off event in London. She talked about the importance of breaking boundaries, the mental capacity needed to take on such a challenge, and going beyond the stereotype in the face of being told 'no'.

We wish you all the luck in the world, Preet, and will be following your every step!

polar preet speech

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