worldwide communication like never before

Iridium is a low latency network providing powerful connections through interconnected satellites, with each one being backed up by the closest other four to provide a strong, unbreaking signal for use in general communication or an emergency situation. Iridium's Push-To-Talk products allow you to create your own network, seamlessly merging ground-based radios with satellite technology allowing for instant coordination and cooperation between remote working teams.

Iridium delivers fast, simple, and secure comms anywhere in the world — at the push of a button.


Whether it’s a yacht race on the open sea, a recreational fishing vessel, or a long-haul commercial liner travelling across vast open areas of water, Iridium is able to keep them covered wherever in the world they are.


Ideal for teams of wildlife conservationists who have to cover hundreds of square miles and communicate with each other, the Iridium network always allows for real-time voice communications and data transfer.




For those who need to stay connected in the remotest of locations on an expedition or adventure, teams can stay connected from anywhere in the world via Talk Groups and through defined coverage areas ranging in size from 100,000 to 2.25M square kilometers.

Remote Workers

From pipelines being constructed in the wildernesses of Alaska or Russia, to oil rig workers offshore in the Atlantic Ocean, the extensive coverage of this network gives teams the opportunity to communicate effectively.

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