The LT-3100 Satellite Communications System from Lars Thrane A/S is a fixed marine satellite internet and phone solution powered by the globally-reaching Iridium satellite network. It can be implemented in many vessels, from commercial fishing or workboats, to leisure cruisers as well. It is designed to meet all standards and certification requirements needed for worldwide satellite communication equipment.

The Thrane LT-3100 is unique in its features

Because the LT-3100 system harnesses the power of the world’s only truly global satellite network, Iridium, it  voice and data capabilities with 100% global coverage. The system itself is comprised of a control unit with a large 4.3” TFT display, handset, and antenna.

The LT-3100 system can be used as the primary satellite communication product on vessels. It addresses basic communication needs in terms of connectivity between the ship and shore. It can also be used for crew calling or as a secondary satellite internet communication product. The LT-3100 provides voice, SMS, data, vessel tracking, and other Iridium services, making it the ideal satellite internet solution onboard any vessel.

Key Features Include:

  • Voice, SMS, Data and Vessel tracking capabilities
  • High-performance GNSS/GPS receiver
  • Improved voice quality in noisy environments with active noise-cancelling microphone
  • Large 4.3” TFT display supporting day and night modes
  • Firewall and user authentication for high level of security
  • Webserver for configuration and maintenance

The reason it was built to withstand harsh conditions

The LT-3100 Iridium Communications System is designed and built for the demanding and rough environment at sea and with an operational temperature range from -25⁰C to +55⁰C (-13⁰F to +131⁰F). Each component of the overall system is built to a very high standard IP rating, making it certifiably waterproof, dust, and shock resistant. This is a ruggedised system designed for even the most extreme maritime environments.

The coverage area by Thrane LT-3100

The LT-3100 runs off the Iridium satellite network, which is the world’s only truly global network. Communication can be made from anywhere on the planet, even at both poles. The LT-3100 system will deliver reliable voice and data communication streams anytime, anywhere.


Any seaworthy vessel from commercial fishing liners to private charters should consider a satellite communication system like the Thrane LT-3100. It carries with it the reliability of the world’s only globally-reaching satellite network, meaning it doesn’t matter where you are, communication can be made, whether it’s voice, SMS, or data sends. Set sail with peace of mind by installing one of these highly popular and super effective systems.

As always, our team of experts is here to help. So, if you need any advice about the Thrane LT-3100 Satellite Communication System or other satellite internet systems, contact us via:

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