plugin-adventures We are very familiar with teams undertaking the Mongol Rally and help many participants each year with their voice and tracking requirements. Julie and Chris Ramsey of Plugin Adventure were the first participants to attempt the 10,000 mile journey in an electric only vehicle and we are delighted to say that they completed it successfully! While now continuing to pursue their passion promoting electric vehicles around the world, Chris and Julie gave us some information on how they used their SPOT 3 satellite tracker on their journey.

plugin adventure spot trackerFull SPOT Gen3 Review by Plugin Adventure:

"In July we embarked on our adventure of a lifetime, which was to tackle the infamous 10,000 Mongol Rally which sees cars drive from London to Siberia completely unsupported. Being the first ever electric car to enter the rally we wanted to give our followers a way to track our progress and see where we charged along our route, so after some research and conversations with GTC we decided to use the Spot Tracker device and it was a decision well made.

We drove through Europe, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Russia and as we were driving an electric car, it meant we were having to stop every 80-90 miles to recharge. This was perfect as we would activate the SPOT device and it would show our exact charging location. We had setup a friends lists in our account, the tracker automatically emailed our contacts with a preset message and link to our exact location so they knew we were safe. One of the other great features was the ability to embed the SPOT Tracker map into our website, which was great for the followers of our adventure as it allowed them to go straight to our website each day and quickly see where we were in the world at that point.

Being in the middle of nowhere in Kazakhstan and having the confidence to know that we can get a message to family and friends with our exact location was very reassuring, and after testing the Spot Tracker in some of the most remote countries we can honestly say that this device is a fantastic piece of kit for any traveller out there. We will definitely be taking our SPOT Tracker on any further adventures we undertake."

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