You may or may not have heard of SolarTrack, but we envisage big things for such a small satellite asset tracker.

SolarTrack, at just 58mm tall, weighing only 24g, and costing £132 (inc. VAT) is the new way of monitoring virtually any asset under the sun, whether on four legs or four wheels. It is charged by the sun's energy and can deliver data and traceability for three years. SolarTrack is low-cost, low-maintenance, high-accuracy, all with GPS and an antenna built-in, making it an ideal solution for farmers looking for an effective herd-monitoring solution.

With devices such as the SolarTrack GPS satellite asset tracker, farmers can benefit from real-time herd monitoring in the following ways.

  1. Improved Livestock Management

SolarTrack allows farmers to monitor their livestock's movements, providing them with valuable insights into the behavior and health of their animals. With GPS tracking, farmers can easily locate their livestock, even in large fields or pastures, reducing the time and effort spent on manual searches. They can also track their animals' feeding patterns, which can help them optimize their grazing strategies.

  1. Reduced Theft and Loss

Livestock theft and loss are major concerns for farmers. SolarTrack provides an effective solution to this problem, allowing farmers to keep a close eye on their animals' movements and detect any unauthorized movement or unusual behavior. If an animal goes missing, farmers can quickly track it down, reducing the chances of permanent loss or theft.

  1. Better Animal Health Management

SolarTrack helps farmers monitor their animals' movements and activity levels, providing them with insights into their health and well-being. They can track changes in behavior, such as reduced movement or grazing, which can indicate potential health issues. SolarTrack can also help farmers track the spread of diseases within their herds and take appropriate measures to prevent further infections.

  1. Increased Efficiency

SolarTrack can help farmers manage their herds more efficiently, reducing the time and labour required for tasks such as manual searches, feeding, and watering. Farmers can also optimise their grazing strategies, ensuring that their animals are getting the right amount of food and water. This can help reduce the cost of feed and improve overall herd health.

  1. Better Record Keeping

SolarTrack offers farmers detailed records of their animals' movements and activity levels. This information can be used to optimise grazing strategies, track feeding patterns, and monitor changes in behavior. Farmers can also use this data to comply with regulations and provide evidence of their animal welfare practices.

The powerful SolarTrack comes in at such a low price-point and can monitor the location of valuable assets from livestock to machinery. It is a truly cost-effective solution to all-important peace of mind and a means of improving efficiency and productivity on a fully-functioning farm.

As always, our team of experts is here to help. So, if you need any advice about SolarTrack, contact us via:

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