Breaking Boundaries: Satellite Phone Rentals

Here at GTC, we not only offer some of the market’s leading satellite phone hardware and services for purchase, but we also have a satellite phone rental department for short-to-medium-term device loans. It is an ideal solution to avoid committing to the full purchase price of your hardware, and could be a much more cost-effective way of utilising some of the latest, globally-connected satellite equipment.

Versatility And Global Coverage

The sat phone rental options we offer include the two flagship Iridium satellite phones, the Extreme® and 9555. Similar in look and feel, these two mighty satellite phones deliver truly global coverage and connectivity, and have been used by GTC rental customers in the past to make calls from, for example, Antarctica and the mid-Atlantic. Users of either phone can enjoy a ruggedised and hardwearing piece of satellite communications equipment, each with a super-easy user interface and configuration. The only difference between them is the Iridium Extreme comes with remote tracking and SOS capabilities built-in. However, the difference in price per day if you were thinking of renting one of these satellite phones is negligible, with the Extreme being £9/day and the 9555 being £7.50/day (ex. VAT).

Cost-Effectiveness And Convenience

Designed to be as wallet-friendly and convenient for you as possible, our rentals appeal to a range of customer needs. Every product included in our rental department comes with a 7-day minimum term, meaning you get time to play around with the device and get used to it before you use it for real. We also do not require any form of rental deposit (except satellite terminals), meaning you only pay the daily rate which starts at just £6/day for our cheapest personal asset trackers. For even further customer convenience, there are no airtime bundle commitments on our satellite phones. That means you’re not tied in to a rolling contract – you simply pay for what you use, and you’re in full control.

User-Friendly Experience

Our Iridium satellite phones are specifically designed to be ergonomic and user-friendly, such are the potential scenarios in which they could be used e.g. in the midst of a natural or man-made disaster, at sea during stormy conditions, or at the scene of a remote search and rescue operation. Being SMS and email-enabled as well as the primary voice function, these satellite phones cater for quick-fire messaging in text form when time is of the essence, all with an intuitive interface and easy-to-use handset layout.

Applications: Satellite Phone Rentals In Action

Renting a satellite phone from GTC is a consistently popular option, particularly for adventurous customers looking to take on a new world record or achieve a gruelling challenge. Take Polar Preet, for example, who took an Iridium 9555 satellite phone rental to the south pole, intending to walk from one side to the other. She used her 9555 to make daily check-in calls with the Antarctic outpost that is permanently stationed there, as well as speaking with her family every day to dictate blog post content to post online. She was able to achieve crystal clear voice clarity from inside her tent in the middle of Antarctica thanks to Iridium’s truly global network coverage.


To sum up, renting from GTC is an ideal solution if you are taking on a one-off, short-term challenge like a long-distance trek or cycle ride from one point to another. We offer satellite phone rentals as a means of keeping our customers reliably in touch and globally connected while on their various challenges. Renting from us is very cost-effective and efficient, and we can almost always accommodate some sort of equipment package.

As always, our team of experts is here to help. So, if you need any advice about renting a satellite phone from us, contact us via:

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