Broadband Terminals - BlogAs Iridium Certus launches their new satellite broadband terminals with Thales and Cobham, it is key to understand how these devices can drastically improve the lives of seafarers. Iridium Certus offers superior connectivity for maritime personnel that has truly global coverage, even through the polar regions. So, Iridium Certus network is so sophisticated that it provides high-speed connections and uniformed coverage even in remote areas!

This advanced connectivity has limited concerns over loss of signal or any restrictions to coverage, with the partnership of reliable satellite broadband terminals. The Cobham Sailor 4300 and Thales VesselLINK satellite broadband terminals utilize the Iridium Certus network, to offer a faster service, to provide all persons onboard a vessel with easy internet access through a high bandwidth IP anywhere in the world. So why is internet connection so important for seafarers?

Staying in Touch

Arguably the most important reason for satellite broadband onboard vessels, is for supporting the mental well being of all crew members. The issue of social isolation can be severe for seafarers that have limited communication with family members as well as with current affairs. The ability to connect to the internet ensures that maritime personnel can maintain ties with the real world. In fact, as social media is becoming an increasingly integral part of modern life, it is an essential way for talking to friends and family but also for keeping up to date with what is going on in the world.

Research has concluded that the internet can be advantageous for boosting crew member’s morale, to the extent that they accredit internet as being the key to their happiness. Therefore, a clear and reliable connection that enables seafarers to keep in touch with current affairs and provides the opportunity for global calling to loved ones, is paramount.

Operation Efficiency

A consistent internet bandwidth can be extremely advantageous for routine communication as well as the management of complex onboard systems. In fact, the reliable Iridium Certus network is accredited with proving greater options for the maritime government sector. The high-speed and low-latency connectivity can benefit research vessels, scientific ships and even ice breakers, just to name a few.

A dependable internet connection can be valuable for vessels everywhere for preventing congestion, from those moored in harbours, near ports, on the high seas and at the edge of coverage for other networks. It can improve routine communication onboard as well as the functionality of a vessel, as crew members can easily download digital manuals for onboard machinery. Additionally, management can more quickly circulate any new regulations that need to be enforced, monitor weather reports and handle input information and reports more easily.

So, does the internet improve seafarers lives?

Here at GTC, we believe that it does. In addition to strengthening shore support to the vessel, the broadband terminals include three high-quality voice lines to provide seafarers with the opportunity for global calling to loved ones across the globe. Therefore, operation costs become more efficient and all seafarers can keep in touch with their nearest and dearest friends and family.

We would love to hear your stories. Leave a comment below and let us know if you consider internet to be important for improving your life, as a seafarer?

Comparison of Marine Satellite Broadband Terminals

Specifications Cobham Sailor 4300 Thales VesselLINK Cobham Sailor 500
Product Cobham 4300 Thales vesselLINK Cobham Fleetbroadband 500
Network Iridium Certus Iridium Certus Inmarsat – Fleet Broadband
Data Speed (Standard IP) Up to 704 kbps Up to 700 kbps Up to 432kbps
Coverage Completely Global Completely Global Global Excluding the Poles
Equipment Price from: (inc. VAT) £7,602 £8,330 £12,202
Service Plans start from: (monthly) $137.50 $137.50 $410
Operating Temperature -25 to +55°C -30 to +55 degrees°C -25 to +55°C
*Price correct as of July 2018

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