Introducing the Motorola T42

The cost-effective Motorola T42 walkie-talkie puts casual usage firmly in its crosshairs. It is one of the more colourful Motorola two-way radios and makes radio communication via walkie-talkie super easy. So easy, in fact, that kids can pick up and begin using one of these radios in minutes.

Motorola T42 Review

Right out of the box you can tell the T42 is robust due to its sturdy build construction. Setting the device up is easy as well, meaning you can get to sending and receiving vocal instructions right after you insert the AAA batteries needed to power it up.

motorola t4 radio triple pack

The walkie-talkie itself, with 16 channels and intuitive pairing functionality, is a fantastic gateway handheld satellite two-way radio. It is ideal for families with young children venturing off to the beach, the campsite, or just for fun around the house. The range is a comfortable 4km so you know you will stay reliably connected to the group – they come as a twin or a triple pack – from a good distance.

The T42, however, while not quite a Motorola VHF mobile radio, does operate on PMR446 frequency which is the European Union standard for radios and is approved for use in the UK and European Union.


  • The durability of the T42 only lends itself further to being child-friendly; it can handle being dropped or knocked and still deliver strong audio clarity.
  • With a very reasonable price-tag, the T42 is friendly on the wallet without losing quality in the sound, range, or build departments.
  • With support of up 16 channels, the T42 is as flexible as some of their flagship devices.


  • Because these radios are supposed to be child-friendly, it means the features don’t go any further than simply pressing a button to speak. Basic functionality limits the T42 to its usage environments.
  • The device is powered by AAA batteries which last a total of 18 hours. Depending on use, replacing these will be frequent.
  • The range is limited to around 4km which may disappoint those looking to communicate from further afield.


The Motorola T42 is absolutely ideal for children or holidaying families looking to stay in touch within a set area of a couple of miles. They are super easy to use, and deliver very good sound quality. But that is where the list of features end. The devices are basic, but for good reason. Those looking for more advanced options and a wide range should consider other options

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