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SpeedMail provides a quicker and less expensive way of accessing and sending emails while using your satellite phones, terminals and WiFi hotspots offering savings of up to 85% compared to a standard data connection.


We are pleased to announce that the latest version of SpeedMail offers PredictWind in the annual subscription - PredictWind provides an award-winning weather forecasting service online and via satellite its PredictWind Offshore apps for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android.

“Sat phone users are often in areas where accurate, up-to-date weather forecasts are critical to their activities, whether on land or offshore. PredictWind has built one of the most-loved and best-reviewed weather forecasting services available, with the features and accuracy needed by satellite phone users.” said Dr. Luis Soltero, CTO of RedPort Global, developer of SpeedMail. “Now, with just a few clicks, XGate users can easily select, download and view sophisticated weather forecasts. Plus, PredictWind users who add XGate can now access forecasts over virtually any modern sat phone or terminal.”


SpeedMail Recap

  • Messages are sent and received at the same time, for greater time and cost efficiency
  • The SmartRestart function means you can return to where you left off even if you lose your connection
  • Receive free GRIB meteorological data files and keep up to date with the forecast in your area
  • The software also comes with its own virus and spam-filtering functions BigMail, allows for the previewing of email headers, letting you monitor and filter the size and content of emails you receive.
  • Due to its email compression software, it makes the sending of emails up to 15 times faster than when using standard web-based email services like Gmail, Hotmail, and Yahoo, and can save up to 85% on satellite airtime.

Uncompressed email services can take up to 20 minutes to send 10 1-page emails; SpeedMail can send up to 50 in 3 minutes, and even allows for the updating of social media services like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn with messages or photos.

Product Average Processing Time*
SpeedMail 20 seconds
Netscape 7.32 minutes
Outlook Express 6.60 minutes
Eudora Pro 6.79 minutes
* Comparison based on 3 x 1 MB or less emails

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