One of the first things you should do when you buy a new satellite phone is set it up with the right amount of airtime. It doesn’t matter which satellite phone you have bought, each network provides airtime plans that come in all different shapes and sizes, such as the Iridium Sat Phone Top-Ups - Africa | 300 Mins | 7200 Units | Valid for 365 Days.

This article is designed to help you understand more about IsatPhone Top-Ups or Iridium Sat Phone Top-Ups, how to apply top-ups, and how much it costs to take calls from your satellite phone.

How Can I Top Up My Iridium 9555 Prepaid SIM card?

Use of your Iridium 9555 Satellite Phone on your far-flung excursion has meant that the minutes are depleting at a rate of knots. But topping up is easy and can be done by visiting our website and/or giving us a call. SIM card validity can be extended by purchasing another prepaid voucher or 30 day extension (excluding the 75 minute voucher for active SIMs only) before the original expiry date.

If the validity is not extended then your SIM card will expire and become unusable. Any minutes remaining will be lost and your SIM will enter a 270 day grace period in which you may reactivate the SIM by adding a new voucher, however the original balance will be lost and will not be added to the new balance.

To easily check your remaining balance, dial 2888 from your satellite phone.

How Much Does It Cost Me to Call An Iridium Satellite Phone?

This is one of the most popular questions from our customers, and the answer is it very much depends on which satellite network is being called, and which phone provider is being used to make the call. In this instance, let’s say you use a BT phone to call an Iridium satellite phone. It will cost more than £3.50 a minute. Calling satellite phones can, therefore, quickly become expensive, particularly if they are frequent. We recommend satellite phone users to call out to friends and family at set times on set days in order to keep costs at a minimum and to budget according to their airtime plan.

How Easy is a Satellite Phone to Use?

Because satellite phones are intended for use in non-every-day situations e.g. the midst of a natural disaster or while crossing the Antarctic, they are designed to be as user-friendly and familiar as possible so that users can get to grips with them very quickly. The Iridium Extreme®, for example, looks like an early-day mobile phone with full button number pad. However, there are things you need to remember when dialling out from a satellite phone, like the country’s number code that you are calling. You also need to make sure you have a clear line of sight to the sky. A satellite phone’s antenna won’t pick up satellite signal if there are buildings or the steep sides of a valley nearby.

As always, our team of experts is here to help. So, if you need any advice about satellite phone top-ups, contact us via:

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