What Is the Inmarsat IsatPhone 2 and Why Is It So Popular?

The Inmarsat IsatPhone 2 satellite phone is one of the market’s leading satellite phones thanks to its near-global coverage levels, ruggedized housing, and built-in navigation and emergency communication features. Not only can this handset make and take high-quality voice calls from virtually anywhere on the planet, it can summon an emergency evacuation procedure at the push of a button. The IsatPhone 2 is also ideal for finding your way if you become lost due to its tracking functionality. In one simple step, the device user’s location information can be sent via text message to a predetermined number or e-mail address. It is possible to program the IsatPhone 2 to send location information at set intervals and it can even be tracked via 3rd party tracking portals using SMS rates. Finally, this particular phone is regarded as one of the best satellite phones because of its exceptional battery life. Through its two Lithium-ion batteries, the IsatPhone 2 offers up to 160 hours of standby time, allowing users to venture further on a single charge.

What Makes the IsatPhone 2 Stand Out From Other Satellite Phones?

Apart from the raft of built-in features the IsatPhone 2 is relatively affordable when compared to other handsets on the market. Available from GTC, Iridium’s two flagship satellite phones come in around the upper end of the scale in terms of price, whereas the IsatPhone 2 is really quite middle of the road retailing at £900 (ex. VAT) for the handset alone. When it comes to airtime vouchers available to add to the handset, there are a handful of choices that will make the phone fully operational. Airtime vouchers range from 50 units/33 minutes (where costs are £1.50 per minute for calls to landlines), up to 5,000 units/55 hours.

How Can the IsatPhone 2 Help You Stay Connected and Safe?

This powerful Inmarsat satellite phone is your lifeline when operating in remote areas because of its far-reaching connectivity levels. Inmarsat’s satellite constellation gives the IsatPhone 2 near-global coverage levels. It can operate comfortably from any region in the world except the poles, so we would not recommend taking this phone to somewhere like Antarctica simply because the network coverage does not extend that far. Otherwise, the IsatPhone 2 will keep you connected via voice calls with some of the lowest drop rates of any satellite phone, as well as a built-in e-compass and magnetometer that makes it faster and easier to get onto the Inmarsat network and is only displayed if the initial search for Inmarsat satellites fails.

Who Uses the IsatPhone 2 and Why?

A wide number of individuals and organizations would use the IsatPhone 2 for a range of specific reasons. Here is a snapshot of the user base and possible reasons for needing the handset:

  • Remote Workers and Explorers: The IsatPhone 2 is popular among people who work or travel in remote areas with little or no cellular coverage. This includes geologists, researchers, adventurers, and expedition teams who need a reliable means of communication when they are far from civilization.
  • Mariners:Sailors and offshore fishermen often rely on satellite phones like the Inmarsat IsatPhone 2 when they are out at sea. It provides a lifeline in case of emergencies and allows them to stay in touch with loved ones or receive weather updates.
  • Relief and Aid Organisations:Humanitarian and relief organizations use satellite phones like the IsatPhone 2 during disaster response efforts. These phones ensure that aid workers can communicate with their teams and coordinate relief efforts in areas where the terrestrial communication infrastructure has been damaged or is non-existent.
  • Military and Government:Some military and government agencies use satellite phones for secure and resilient communication in remote or hostile environments. They provide a means of communication when traditional communication systems might be compromised.
  • Businesses and Corporations:Companies operating in remote or isolated locations, such as mining, energy, and construction firms, often equip their employees with satellite phones to maintain communication and ensure their safety. These phones are also valuable for businesses operating in regions with unreliable or underdeveloped terrestrial networks.
  • Outdoor Enthusiasts:Campers, hikers, and outdoor enthusiasts might carry an IsatPhone 2 as a safety precaution when venturing into areas without cell coverage. It can be a lifeline in case of emergencies or when needing to request assistance.
  • Government Agencies: In some countries, government agencies may use satellite phones as a backup communication option, especially in regions with challenging terrain or limited connectivity.
  • Emergency Responders:Search and rescue teams, as well as first responders, may rely on satellite phones like the IsatPhone 2 when responding to emergencies in remote areas or disaster-stricken regions.

The IsatPhone 2 is used because it operates on the Inmarsat satellite network, which provides near-global coverage, making it suitable for users who need to maintain communication in areas where terrestrial cellular networks are unavailable or unreliable. Its reliable voice and text messaging capabilities make it a valuable tool for those who require a dependable and robust communication solution in remote or emergency situations.

Why Should You Consider Buying An IsatPhone 2?

With an IsatPhone 2 as part of your pack on any expedition, commercial project, or own private adventure, you are making sure you are connected to and from virtually any region in the world either through reliable voice calls or SMS. The phone will get you out of danger quickly thanks to its integrated SOS functionality as well as built-in tracking that pings your location to a pre-set phone number or email address, all at the push of a button. The phone is built to last with a 160-hour battery life, and right out of the box can handle the elements with its hard-wearing outer casing and solid glass screen face.

As always, our team of experts is here to help. So, if you need any advice about the IsatPhone 2 satellite phone, contact us via:

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