In the fast-evolving landscape of communication technology, satellite communication plays a pivotal role in ensuring connectivity in remote and challenging environments. One of the latest innovations in this field comes from ICOM, a renowned name in the world of communication equipment. The ICOM IC-SAT100 and IC-SAT100M are two cutting-edge satellite communication devices that are set to redefine the way we connect, communicate, and collaborate in areas with limited or no terrestrial infrastructure.

Overview of ICOM IC-SAT100 and IC-SAT100M

The ICOM IC-SAT100 and IC-SAT100M are satellite communication devices designed to provide reliable and global connectivity in challenging environments where traditional communication infrastructure may be limited or nonexistent. These devices leverage the Iridium satellite network, offering users the ability to communicate seamlessly from virtually anywhere on the planet.


  • Global Coverage

The IC-SAT100 provides global coverage, allowing users to stay connected in remote areas, at sea, or in locations with no terrestrial communication infrastructure.

  • Push-to-Talk (PTT) Functionality

Equipped with Push-to-Talk functionality, the IC-SAT100 enables instant communication with individuals or groups, similar to traditional two-way radios.

  • Durability and Reliability

Built to withstand harsh conditions, the device is rugged, dustproof, and waterproof, making it suitable for use in challenging environments.

  • Long Battery Life

The IC-SAT100 features an impressive battery life, ensuring extended usage without frequent recharging.

  • Versatility

Suitable for various applications, including but not limited to maritime, aviation, emergency services, adventure sports, and any scenario where reliable global communication is essential.


  • Vehicular Integration

The IC-SAT100M is specifically designed for vehicular installations, making it ideal for land-based mobile communication needs.

  • External Antenna Compatibility

Supporting external antenna connections, the IC-SAT100M ensures optimal satellite signal reception even in areas with challenging signal conditions.

  • Mobile Communication

Suited for industries that require on-the-move communication, the IC-SAT100M caters to applications such as public safety, disaster response teams, and remote field operations.

  • Similar Capabilities to IC-SAT100

The IC-SAT100M shares many features with its handheld counterpart, providing a consistent and reliable communication experience in mobile scenarios.

  • Versatile Applications

The IC-SAT100M is adaptable to various vehicles, including trucks, cars, and emergency response vehicles, extending its utility to different industries and use cases.

Additional Features (Common to Both Models):

  • External Accessories
  • SOS Emergency Function
  • GPS Position Reporting
  • Secure Communication

Push-To-Talk Technology Features

The ICOM IC-SAT100 and IC-SAT100M devices stand out with their advanced Push-to-Talk (PTT) technology, revolutionising the way users communicate in challenging environments. With the PTT functionality, these devices emulate the simplicity and immediacy of traditional two-way radios, allowing users to establish instant communication with individuals or groups at the touch of a button. Whether deployed in maritime operations, aviation, emergency services, or any scenario demanding swift and effective communication, the PTT feature of the IC-SAT100 and IC-SAT100M ensures seamless and real-time connectivity. This capability not only enhances operational efficiency in remote locations but also fosters quick decision-making in critical situations, making these devices indispensable tools for professionals who rely on reliable and instant communication in their day-to-day activities.


Both devices are designed to provide reliable connectivity in challenging environments. While the IC-SAT100 is a handheld device offering global coverage with push-to-talk functionality, durability, and a long battery life, the IC-SAT100M is tailored for vehicular installations, catering to on-the-move communication needs. Sharing common features such as external accessories support, SOS emergency function, GPS position reporting, and secure communication capabilities, both devices offer versatility in applications ranging from maritime and aviation to emergency services and remote field operations. The IC-SAT100M further stands out with its external antenna compatibility, making it suitable for land-based mobile scenarios. Ultimately, whether in hand or integrated into vehicles, both models exemplify ICOM's commitment to providing cutting-edge satellite communication solutions for diverse use cases.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Satellite Phone

Choosing the right satellite phone is crucial, especially when considering communication reliability in remote or challenging environments. Here are some factors to consider when making this decision:

  • Network Coverage

Assess the coverage provided by the satellite network associated with the phone. Ensure it offers global coverage or coverage in the specific regions where you intend to use the phone.

  • Device Portability

Evaluate the size, weight, and portability of the satellite phone. Choose a device that suits your mobility needs, whether handheld for personal use or mounted for vehicular or marine applications.

  • Battery Life

Check the battery life of the satellite phone. Longer battery life is crucial, especially in situations where recharging opportunities may be limited.

  • Durability

Assess the ruggedness and durability of the device. A satellite phone should be able to withstand harsh conditions, including water and dust resistance, to ensure reliable performance in challenging environments.

  • Ease of Use

Consider the user interface and ease of operation. Intuitive controls and a user-friendly interface are essential, especially in emergency situations or when used by individuals with varying technical expertise.

  • Data Capabilities

If data communication is important for your needs, check the data capabilities of the satellite phone. Some models support basic data services, enabling email and basic internet access.

  • Cost of Usage

Understand the cost structure associated with the satellite phone, including initial purchase costs, subscription fees, and per-minute or data usage charges. Compare different plans and providers to find the most cost-effective solution for your usage patterns.

  • Emergency Features

Look for built-in emergency features such as an SOS button, GPS capabilities, and the ability to transmit your location in case of emergencies.

Pricing and Availability

As a leading sat phone UK supplier, we at GTC constantly ensure we have a good stock of our bestselling products. The ICOM IC-SAT100 and IC-SAT100M, while powerful units in themselves, don’t exactly fly off the shelves because of their specialist nature, so we do not tend to keep large stocks. However, if you contact us via phone or email, we can order them in if we don’t have enough for your requirements. Pricing ranges from £1,000 – £2,000 for the handsets, and, because these devices aren’t technically satellite phones, there are no airtime costs.

Conclusion and Recommendation

In conclusion, the ICOM IC-SAT100 and IC-SAT100M stand out as exceptional choices for individuals and organisations seeking reliable satellite communication solutions in diverse and challenging environments. With their global coverage, push-to-talk functionality, durability, and long battery life, the IC-SAT100 ensures seamless communication on a handheld device. Meanwhile, the IC-SAT100M, designed for vehicular integration, adds versatility for on-the-move scenarios with external antenna compatibility. Both devices, while neither are full-blown satellite phones, share essential features such as external accessories support, SOS emergency function, GPS position reporting, and secure communication capabilities, making them well-suited for applications ranging from maritime and aviation to emergency services and remote field operations. ICOM's commitment to breaking communication barriers and ensuring connectivity wherever it is needed most is evident in these cutting-edge satellite communication devices. For those prioritising reliability, durability, and global coverage, the ICOM IC-SAT100 and IC-SAT100M are highly recommended, setting a new standard in satellite communication technology. Embrace the future of connectivity with ICOM.

As always, our team of experts is here to help. So, if you need any advice about the ICOM IC-SAT100 or IC-SAT100M, contact us via:

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