Global Telesat Communications to supply Globalstar satellite trackers and messaging to support GPSOne’s ongoing national rollout.

Orbsat Corp (OTCQB: OSAT), a global provider of communication solutions for connectivity to the world through next-generation satellite technology, today announced that its Global Telesat Communications (“GTC”) subsidiary has received an initial order of 600 Globalstar SmartOne C satellite asset trackers and associated messaging plans from GPSOne, a provider of satellite tracking services located in Kazakhstan.

With an estimated 1.7 million horses, Kazakhstan has one of the highest population of horses in the world (Source: FAOSTAT). However, most of the semi-wild horses are on a free pasturing within the enormous territory and monitoring their precise location is a major challenge for owners. In response to significant demand, GPSOne was established to offer a low cost and reliable solution for tracking the location of horses as they roam the desolate and remote expanse of the country.

GTC will provide SmartOne C trackers for this project as its small size and long battery life makes it one of the preferred solutions for tracking livestock herds and horses throughout many remote parts of the world. The satellite enabled SmartOne C transmits GPS locations through the Globalstar Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite network and these location messages are viewed through GPSOne’s custom built mapping software and app. Devices are configured to transmit one message every 4 hours with an expected battery life of 6 months. As horses typically roam in herds, one tracker collar placed on the lead stallion can be used to monitor the location of up to 30 horses.

“SmartOne C trackers are the ideal solution for our customers who need to monitor and locate their horses in real-time. Since launching our horse tracking program, demand for SmartOne C has dramatically increased and we required a partner that could help supply and support the potential demand for thousands of devices going forward. GTC’s global reach and unmatched expertise in satellite asset tracking makes them the perfect partner for us as we expand our program throughout Kazakhstan and additional countries.”

Dana Gabitova, GPSOne

“We are pleased to support GPSOne in their mission to help horse owners monitor and protect these important and valuable animals. Through unique applications of satellite-based tracking for horses with technology such as SmartOne C, we are further demonstrating our ability to sell and support novel solutions designed to meet the diverse needs of customers not only throughout Central Asia, but around the world,” commented David Phipps, Chief Executive Officer of Orbsat.

“We’ve seen significant growth in AgTech deployments across Asia, and throughout the globe, in collaboration with our VAR network partners, which leverage the benefits of the Internet of Things and Globalstar technology to meet essential agricultural requirements, livestock tracking in particular,” commented Robert Clarke, Globalstar Regional Sales Manager. “We are proud that GPSOne has put SmartOne C at the heart of its innovative solution to help Kazakhstan’s herd owners monitor and safeguard their horses.”

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