Unveiling the Cutting-Edge Satellite Tracking Technology

The SPOT Trace Satellite Tracker is a compact asset tracker that is ideal for monitoring the movement and location of your valuable assets when you aren’t around in person. The SPOT Trace is loaded with Globalstar satellite technology, where it connects to Globalstar’s network in order to provide real-time tracking coordinates that are recorded on a centralised dashboard.

How SPOT Trace Enhances Outdoor Adventures

Venturing into the wilderness whether for business or leisure requires you to enact a duty of care over yourself and your belongings. The SPOT Trace allows you to monitor things like your backpack, caravan, or vehicle even from locations where traditional cellular service is non-existent. Even if your adventures take you onto the water, the SPOT Trace can be activated with Dock Mode which allows you to configure your SPOT Trace to track an asset that is primarily stored on the water. Bringing a SPOT Trace with you on an outdoor adventure means you have peace of mind that the whereabouts of your valuable items can always been seen, even when you’re hiking tens of kilometres away from basecamp.

Securing Your Valuables with SPOT Trace

Securing your valuables using the SPOT Trace is a great way to keep track of your belongings and ensure their safety. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to secure your valuables with the SPOT Trace once you have purchased it from Global Telesat Communications:

  • Attach it to your valuables: Decide on the valuable item you want to secure and attach the SPOT Trace device to it. The device is compact and lightweight, allowing for easy attachment. You can use the included mounting accessories or use a secure adhesive, zip ties, or any other method suitable for your item.
  • Position it correctly: Ensure the SPOT Trace device is properly positioned to maximise its performance. It should have a clear line of sight to the sky to establish a reliable satellite connection. Avoid obstructing it with metallic objects or placing it in areas where it may get damaged.
  • Set up tracking intervals: Configure the tracking intervals based on your preferences and needs. The SPOT Trace allows you to choose from several predefined tracking intervals, such as 2.5, 5, 10, 30, or 60 minutes. The shorter the interval, the more frequently the device will update its location. Keep in mind that more frequent tracking will impact the battery life of the device.
  • Enable movement alerts: This feature allows you to receive notifications whenever the device detects movement. You can customise the sensitivity of the movement sensor to avoid false alarms while ensuring it's effective at detecting unauthorised movement.
  • Monitor your valuables: Use our bespoke mapping portal, GTCTrack, to monitor the location of your valuables. The device will regularly update its GPS coordinates, allowing you to track its movements. You can also view the tracking history to see where your item has been over time.
  • Receive alerts and notifications: Configure your account settings to receive alerts and notifications via email or text message. This way, you'll be promptly notified if the SPOT Trace detects movement or if the device leaves a predefined geofence area.

Surprising Ways to Utilise SPOT Trace in Everyday Life

While the SPOT Trace is primarily designed for tracking and securing valuable assets, it does have other uses for everyday life. Here are a few unexpected applications:

  • Pet tracking: Attach the SPOT Trace to your pet's collar or harness to keep tabs on their whereabouts. This can be particularly useful for adventurous or curious pets who tend to wander off. You can set up movement alerts to notify you if your pet leaves a specific area.
  • Luggage tracking: When traveling, attach the SPOT Trace to your luggage to track its location during transit. This can be beneficial in case your luggage gets lost or mishandled by airlines. You'll have a record of its movements, which can assist in recovery efforts or insurance claims.
  • Bike or motorcycle security: Protect your bicycles or motorcycles from theft by securing the SPOT Trace device to them. If your bike gets stolen, you can track its location and provide the information to the authorities. Additionally, you can set up movement alerts to receive notifications if someone tries to move your bike without authorisation.
  • Remote equipment monitoring: If you have equipment or machinery located in remote areas, the SPOT Trace can be used to monitor their status and location. You can track usage patterns, ensure equipment is where it should be, and receive alerts if there is unauthorised movement.
  • Elderly or vulnerable person monitoring: Attach the SPOT Trace to the belongings of an elderly or vulnerable person, such as a bag or walking aid. This can provide peace of mind to their caregivers, as they can track their loved one's location and receive movement alerts if they wander off or go beyond a predetermined area.

Navigating the Benefits of SPOT Trace for Tracking Needs

The SPOT Trace is one of the most popular devices in the satellite tracker UK market, and it comes with so many built-in benefits for such a compact device. These include:

  • Global Coverage
  • Real-Time Tracking
  • Movement Alerts
  • Geofencing Capabilities
  • Long Battery Life
  • Compact and Durable Design
  • Historical Tracking Data
  • Easy Installation and Setup

As always, our team of experts is here to help. So, if you need any advice about the SPOT Trace satellite asset tracker, contact us via:

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