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Get some inspiration for Christmas gifts this year, with a selection of our 2018 bestsellers.

5The Global Traveller

The Iridium 9575 Extreme is the perfect gift for someone who travels to different places around the world. The Iridium 9575 can be trusted to provide voice, data, SMS and GPS tracking capabilities anywhere in the world, including the poles! Buy now for only £1,135!

ACR Resqlink+ The Sailing Enthusiast

The ACR ResQlink+ PLB is a full-powered, GPS enabled Personal Locator Beacon (PLB) and is the perfect gift for a sailing enthusiast. In fact, this device is ideal for anyone who spends time on a vessel at sea. This PLB provides a welcomed peace of mind for any emergency situation that might arise. Buy now for £220!

SPOT Gen 3 The Adventurer

The SPOT Gen 3 Satellite Tracker is the ideal gift for an adventurer - to keep in touch with friends and family and call for help if needed, all at the push of a button. Wherever you travel, its is essential to pack a SPOT Gen 3 on your journey. Buy now for £100 and get a FREE giant loop tracker packer!

inReach MiniThe Frequent Traveller

The inReach Mini from Garmin is the ideal gift for a frequent traveller. This palm-sized satellite communicator weighs only 100g, so it is the smart addition to your kit. The inReach Mini offers messaging, tracking, SOS and navigation anywhere in the world. Buy now for £280 - also available in Orange!

iridium 9555The Aspiring Adventurer

For someone who aspires to take more adventures, inspire them this Christmas with a trial of one of our devices, including the Iridium 9555 Satellite Phone (pictured). We offer short-term rental options on Satellite Phones, Trackers, SOS Beacons, Wi-Fi Hotspots and many more! Rental options available now.

Giant LoopStocking Fillers

For a cheaper alternative gift this Christmas, for someone with a satellite communication device, purchase an accompanying accessories to aid their next journey. We offer accessories for Satellite Phone, Trackers, Satellite Internet and SOS Beacons. For a more detailed overview of our bestselling products, check out our 2019 Buying Guide.

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