As part of a recent pricing restructure, we have lowered the cost of both our IsatPhone Top-Ups and Iridium Sat Phone Top-Ups, as a way of opening up some of the world’s most powerful airtime vouchers to more and more people.

A Game-Changing Price Drop

A price-drop like this will enable more people to experience global and near-global satellite connectivity to two of the world’s leading satellite networks. With our selection of top-up vouchers, you can connect an Iridium or Inmarsat satellite phone from virtually any location on earth and enjoy reliable voice or data communication.

Benefits for IsatPhone Users

  1. Cost-Efficiency

We understand that the cost of airtime is quite a significant burden on top of the initial handset cost which is part of what contributed to our recent price reduction. We now offer cost-efficient satellite airtime to current and new customers so as to connect more and more people via the some of the most powerful satellite devices in the world.

  1. Extended Communication

Reduced airtime voucher prices mean more people can connect for longer. Spend the money saved on more airtime minutes and extend your trip or adventure to a remote location safe in the knowledge that you are taking extra voice minute or data limits with you. After all, without valuable airtime, the peace of mind provided by check-in calls would be non-existent.

  1. Enhanced Accessibility

Our range of IsatPhone top-ups or IsatPhone prepaid SIMs deliver a wealth of accessibility to any one using a satellite phone from Inmarsat. From there, reliable calls or data sends can be made from virtually any location with some of the lowest call drop rates in the world.

Iridium Users Rejoice

  1. Global Connectivity at a Lower Cost

Iridium is the only satellite network that offers truly global connectivity. It is this irresistible feature of the network’s constellation that makes Iridium airtime slightly more expensive, however, with our recent price-drops, remote communication on a global scale is now possible at a more affordable price.

  1. Flexible Usage Options

Whether you’re topping up because you’re an existing customer or you’re a new customer looking for one of our Iridium sat phone prepaid SIMs, we have a voucher package for you. With a variety of minutes and data bundles available, we can cater for short-to-medium-term trips or adventures that take you well beyond the reaches of traditional mobile communication.

  1. Affordable Emergency Communication

You can’t put a price on your safety or of those around you, but being able to make an SOS call to Iridium’s emergency evacuation services at a lower cost is something nobody would ever say no to. At the push of a button from either flagship Iridium satellite phone, a team of rescuers can be at your location to save you from a life-or-death situation.

The Future of Affordable Satellite Communication

The future of affordable satellite communication appears promising due to rapid advancements in satellite technology, coupled with innovations in miniaturisation and cost-effective manufacturing that are paving the way for a new era of accessible and affordable satellite communication services. Smaller and more powerful satellites, known as CubeSats, are becoming increasingly prevalent, reducing launch costs and democratising access to space. These miniature satellites, equipped with advanced communication systems, are poised to revolutionise global connectivity by providing cost-effective solutions for remote regions, disaster-stricken areas, and emerging markets. Furthermore, the rise of new players in the satellite industry, driven by entrepreneurial ventures and increased competition, is fostering an environment conducive to driving down costs and expanding the reach of satellite communication to previously underserved populations. As we navigate the future, it is clear that affordable satellite communication will play a pivotal role in connecting the world and bridging the digital divide.

As always, our team of experts is here to help. So, if you need any advice about Iridium or Inmarsat top-ups or prepaid SIMs, contact us via:

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