Personal Locator Beacons, or PLBs for short, are an essential piece of safety equipment which should be carried as a minimum precaution when venturing into remote, isolated areas whether on land or at sea, and at Global Telesat Communications, you can find a wide range of different PLBs for different scenarios. They are small, compact, lightweight, and should be used as a last resort if you find yourself in an emergency situation, especially if you are on your own in a remote location. They are often activated at the push of a button – or on contact with water if you’re at sea – and the emergency services are then notified via satellite. Your position will be sent to them so an accurate and efficient rescue operation can be carried out.

Below are the three main reasons for carrying a PLB when heading into remote areas or out to sea.

1. For Your Own Safety

Your safety is paramount when exploring unchartered, isolated territory. A locator beacon is the best chance of survival especially when you are in area where there is no phone reception, and is inaccessible by car.

2. To Reassure Your Loved Ones

The chances are you are leaving someone behind when you take on a challenge, conduct research, or travel from A to B through a remote region. They will want the peace of mind that you have equipped yourself properly should you run into difficulties, and the presence of a PLB will put their minds at rest as you make your way into the remote wilderness.

3. To Make It Easier for Rescuers To Find You

Rescuers need your precise location as they approach the scene of the SOS call. Devices such as the Ocean Signal rescueME PLB3 come optimised with Automatic Identification System (AIS) functionality, Return Link Service (RLS) technology, and Near Field Communication (NFC) capabilities in order to effectively blend both global and local rescue, thereby maximising access to the most effective rescue resources available.

As always, our team of experts is here to help. So, if you need any advice about our range of PLBs, contact us via:

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