SPOT Corporate Annual Service Plans

SPOT Corporate Annual Service Plans


Our Corporate Annual Service Plans for SPOT Gen3 and SPOT Gen4 are suitable for users activating 20+ devices and offer a one-off all-inclusive cost for satellite tracking in remote or dangerous regions.

Annual billing is taken in GBP, there is no auto-renewal unless requested and a range of tracking frequency options are available.

Our basic plans exclude GEOS Emergency Response Cover, meaning you will have to designate your own emergency contact for any SOS request. For an additional charge you can request the assistance of GEOS for your SOS alerts. 

SPOT Corporate Annual Service Plans


SPOT Corporate Annual Service Plans are available for customers activating 20+ SPOT devices and provide you with an easy one-off, all-inclusive messaging cost for the year.  Ideal for events organisers, security organisations, remote workers, business travel and many other groups travelling in remote or dangerous regions.


Once you have registered we provide you with a share link page to access all trackpoints and tracking information. These plans are only available for the SPOT Gen3 and Gen4 tracker and must be taken out for every SPOT tracker you own. 


Key Benefits:

No Automatic Renewals

We do not automatically renew subscription plans so you will receive no unexpected charges from us. When your plan is due to expire we will send you a reminder and if you would like to continue with your annual SPOT service plan, you will need to contact us before the year validity expires. 


GBP Payment

Payment for our SPOT service plans are taken in GBP removing any additional foreign exchange charges. (Payment can also be taken in EUR or USD if you require). 


Account Set-up

We include account set-up minimizing your time spent on activation and admin. We use information provided by you to ensure that your emergency contacts will be notified when you activate the SOS button on your SPOT devices. If your emergency contact or any contact information changes you will need to contact us so we can sync the information to your trackers. 


Custom Message Options

Please complete the field above to confirm your custom message. The Check In and Help Message are programmed with the standard SPOT message. If you would like to customise these options, please contact us


Message Type Description Message Text
Check In/OK Let contacts know where you are and that you’re okay with a pre-programmed message. Default: Everything is OK
Help Request help from your friends & family at your GPS location. Default: I need help at this location
Custom Message Sending a pre-programmed message with your GPS location. Default: Running late but everything OK
Automated Track Points Will automatically send a track point with your GPS co-ordinates every 10 minutes once initiated.  Track points are sent to the online map page rather than your email contacts. N/A


SOS Recipient 

These plans include SOS notification to your emergency contact when you activate the SOS button on the device. An assigned emergency contact will be responsible for contacting you and arranging your safe return, if you so need. This is ideal for businesses that have pre-arranged systems for situations such as these.

Any changes to emergency contacts and preset messages can only be made on request to GTC by contacting us directly. 

If you would like GEOS to also be notified, this option can be added to all of our SPOT service plans. GEOS will receive your GPS co-ordinates from your SPOT tracker and provide arrangements for a Search and Rescue operation. Your emergency contact will still be notified that you have activated your SOS button, through tracking information or being contacted by GEOS for more information about the trip. 



If you would like to view more enhanced mapping features than those provided by some of our service plans, GTCTrack is available. GTCTrack is our online mapping portal that can track your SPOT tracker to provide real-time information via your GPS location. Any person provided with the login can become an operator to monitor any number of GSM or satellite assets simultaneously in-real time and historically on both the Basic and Professional plans. Find out more here.

Features include:

  • Geo-Fencing capabilities (Professional Plan only)
  • Alert options available, with varying degrees of urgency for operator and device holder
  • Global Tracking
  • Multiple layer options and map views
  • Inclusive to all devices with GPS tracking capabilities
  • Past-tracking data points are always accessible, until the device is de-activated
  • Mapping and asset grouping customisation options are available
  • Data Reporting and Scheduling functions
  • Notifications and alerts can be sent directly to the holder of the device

GTCTrack Professional Mapping

The Professional Mapping plan allows you to track multiple devices on the same map in addition to features available on the Basic plan. This plan is essential for businesses or organisers managing multiple devices to be able to track the movements of individuals and assets.
  • Suitable for users requiring access to multiple devices under one login
  • Includes Geo-Fencing
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SPOT Gen3 & Gen4 Annual Service Plans SOS Recipient Add-on Validity Period Annual Price
Annual Plan with 10 Minute Tracking with GTCTrack Emergency Contact GTCTrack 1 Year £200.00 (EX.VAT)
Annual Plan with 5 Minute Tracking with GTCTrack Emergency Contact GTCTrack 1 Year £233.00 (EX.VAT)
Annual Plan with 2.5 Minute Tracking with GTCTrack Emergency Contact GTCTrack 1 Year £284.00 (EX.VAT)
GEOS Emergency Contact Add-on GEOS Search and Rescue GEOS 1 Year £16.00 (Ex.VAT)

*Our SPOT Corporate Annual Service Plans have 1 Year Validity, from the date of activation.



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