sMRT Shield+

sMRT Shield+

The sMRT SHIELD+ is an advanced Personal Locator Beacon (PLB) that seamlessly integrates 406 MHz, AIS, and VHF DSC technologies into a compact and rugged unit. It features visual notifications through a DSC receiver and Return Link (RLS) technology ensuring users are promptly informed when their distress signal is received.

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sMRT Shield+


Designed to the highest standards, the sMRT SHIELD+ is one of the world’s most advanced PLBs. Combining leading maritime distress signalling technology, including 406 MHz, AIS, and VHF DSC, into a single, compact, and robust device it provides a comprehensive and reliable distress alerting and locating solution.

The sMRT SHIELD+ harnesses the power of advanced MEOSAR technology, enabling it to effectively operate on the specialised 406 MHz frequency. This capability allows it to quickly and accurately transmit a person’s distress location via the global COSPAS-SARSAT search and rescue satellite network. In addition to its global search network capabilities, the sMRT SHIELD+ leverages local alerting and locating technologies, including VHF DSC and AIS.

When activated, the sMRT SHIELD+ will promptly alert all nearby vessels of the MOB situation via DSC. The user’s real-time location will also be displayed on chart plotters and updated every 60 seconds via AIS.

With both Return Link Service (RLS) and DSC acknowledgement technology, users will receive visual confirmation through designated lights, indicating the transmission and acknowledgement of their distress signal.

Key Features:

  • VHF DSC: all nearby vessels are alerted to a man-overboard situation via DSC
  • AIS: the live location of the man-overboard is continuously displayed via AIS
  • 406 MHz: transmit distress signals over the 406 MHz global satellite rescue system
  • RLS: Return Link Technology notifies the user that their distress signal has been received
  • Dual GNSS: a combo of GPS and Galileo GNSS receivers for quicker detection
  • Class-M: compliant to European regulation ECC/DED/(22)02 relevant to the usage of MOB devices
  • Mobile App: compatible via NFC
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