RockREMOTE is the reliable and flexible solution to remote IoT communications challenges. By harnessing the Iridium Certus network and LTE cellular connectivity, as well as end-to-end networking and the powerful Cloudloop platform, RockREMOTE is tailored to handle a range of fixed and mobile communications problems.



As ageing technology comes to the end of its use life, vital remote IoT assets risk disconnection. RockREMOTE, however, steps in as a solution to this, offering a seamless transition from legacy systems to modern digital services without the need for costly infrastructure overhauls.

RockREMOTE offers a dependable and versatile solution with dual-mode LTE satellite communication, supporting fixed, semi-fixed, or mobile M2M/IoT applications globally. Clients can choose from Ethernet, WiFi, or Serial RS232/485 interfaces for their communication needs.

With its adaptability, RockREMOTE ensures reliable communication, serving as the crucial link to keep your data flowing even during disruptions in the grid.

How Can RockREMOTE Be Used?

  • Visibility and control of assets spread over a wide area
  • Extend the reach of telemetry applications
  • Measure conditions at potential new sites without power
  • Real-time reporting on power generation to prevent saturation
  • Prevent production stoppage with real-time alerts of machinery failure
  • Reduce response times and send fewer people into the field
  • Gather and analyze data to optimize loading and hauling operations.

What Are the Key Features of RockREMOTE?

  • Omni-directional antenna with no pointing required
  • Ideal for fixed deployment in hilly or woody locations, or for on-the-move applications
  • Simple to deploy, IP-based over Ethernet or WiFi
  • Dual mode Iridium Certus satellite network combined with LTE
  • Small form factor, industry-standard DIN rail mounting
  • Usage optimization enables RockREMOTE to be deployed in solar-powered environments in locations where mains power is unavailable
  • Powerful integrated processing, storage and security enables the evolution towards Edge Computing
  • Support for MQTT into IoT cloud services from Amazon, Google and Microsoft
  • Ground Control’s subscription management platform, Cloudloop, enables visibility and control over your asset usage
  • Hardware security module ensures that your data is secured while being transmitted over the network
  • Transparent message buffering, queuing, and automatic data compression
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