Fleet Broadband Prepaid Airtime

Fleet Broadband Prepaid Airtime


The Prepaid Small Vessel Plan is great for those who do not want to be tied into a contract.

PLEASE NOTE: We can now only add airtime to existing customer's SIM cards. We are no longer able to process any new activation's or send out any new Fleet Broadband SIM cards.

Fleet Broadband Prepaid Airtime


The Prepaid Small Vessel Plan is suitable for low usage on the Fleet Broadband system. Users are charged a subscription fee which is automatically deducted from the SIM each week. 

Fleet Broadband Plan Features:

  • From £5.25 ex VAT per MB
  • All vouchers have a 60 day validity
  • No contract or Direct Debit required
  • Cannot be used as a backup to a VSAT installation or on a vessel greater than 300 GWT.
  • Streaming services are not available on this plan.
  • Weekly charge of 14 units will be deducted from the SIM Card's balance on Sundays at 00:01 UTC for the week ahead.
  • Upon activation, a SIM Card will be provided with 14 units to cover the initial week (which will be charged a full 14 units regardless of which day of the week activation occurred).
  • If SIM Card has less than 14 units remaining on Sunday at 00:01 UTC, the weekly charge will be suspended, but the balance will remain available for use until either the SIM Card is topped up or the prepaid balance has expired.
  • If a SIM Card's weekly charge has been suspended, and a topup is performed, the current week's weekly charge will be deducted on a pro-rated basis (at 2 units per day, inclusive of the date of topup). e.g. if a SIM Card has 0 units and adds 60 units on Wednesday, 8 units will be charged immediately for the current week's "weekly charge".
  • The expiration date will be extended based upon the date of voucher redemption.

If you are activating your SIM card for the first time please complete the Vessel Information Form.

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Calling Rates

Key Call Charges

Weekly Fee 14
Standard IP per MB 10
Voice to Fixed per min 0.76
Voice to Mobile per min 1.06
Voice to Voicemail per min 0.76
Voice to BGAN/FBB/SBB per min 0.76
SMS 0.50
ISDN/Fax per min 3.50

Other Call Charges

FBB HSD (ISDN) Fixed 3.5
FBB HSD (ISDN) Inmarsat B HSD (ISDN) 16
FBB HSD (ISDN) Inmarsat B v/f/d 16
FBB HSD (ISDN) Inmarsat M (voice) 16
FBB HSD (ISDN) Inmarsat Mini-M/GAN/Fleet/Swift (voice) 16
FBB HSD (ISDN) Inmarsat Aero 16
FBB HSD (ISDN) Iridium/Globalstar/Thuraya/Other MSS (voice) 16
FBB HSD (ISDN) Inmarsat GAN/Fleet/Swift (ISDN) 16
FBB Voice Globalstar Voice 8
FBB Voice Inmarsat Aero 4.9
FBB Voice Inmarsat B (voice) 3.4
FBB Voice Inmarsat M (voice) 2.9
FBB Voice Inmarsat Mini-M/GAN/Fleet/Swift (voice) 2.5
FBB Voice Iridium Voice 11
FBB Voice Other MSS Systems 6.9
FBB Voice Thuraya 5




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