Ocean Signal SafeSea S100 SART Radar Transponder

Ocean Signal SafeSea S100 SART Radar Transponder


Part Number: 912S-00678

SART Transponder will send your location to X Band Radar equipped vessels in the vicinity in the event of an emergency at sea.

Ocean Signal SafeSea S100 SART Radar Transponder


Ocean Signal's SART Transponder (Search and Rescue Transponder) complies with IMO SOLAS regulations to send your location via radar in the event of an emergency at sea.

Featuring a user replaceable, non hazardous battery the SART is easily maintained.  The battery must be replaced every five years.  The SART has a standby battery life of at least 96 hours and 12 hours once it begins to send the pulse signals.

How does the SART Transponder work?

  1. In the event of an SOS situation at sea the user would activate the SART
  2. It would remain in standby mode until an X Band Radar comes within the vicinity
  3. When this happens the device will send a series of pulses which will be displayed on the vessels radar system as a vessel in distress - it will transmit for a minimum of 12 hours

Ocean Signal S100 SART Transponder Package Includes:

  • Telescopic pole
  • Storage Bracket 
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General Specifications
Dimensions 227 x 82mm
Type Lithium/Iron Disulfide (Li/FeS2)
Standby Life 96 hours minimum
Operating LIfe 12 hours minimum
Storage 5 Years
Service Replaceable
Operating Temperature -20°C to +55°C
Storage Temperature -30°C to +70°C
Waterproof Immersion Up to 10 m at +20°C
Standard & Approvals
IMO Regulations A.694(17); MSC.247(83)
International Standards Radio IEC61097-1
International Standards EMC IEC60945
European Approval Marine Equipment Directive A.1/4.18
USA Standards FCC CFR47 part 80.1101


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