Motorola XT460 446 Portable Two-Way Radio

Motorola XT460 446 Portable Two-Way Radio


The Motorola XT460 is a durable and licensee free two-way radio with up to 9km range. This radio has been designed with the focus on delivering great performance even with hard use in high noise, harsh conditions.

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Motorola Part Number RMP0166BDLAA

Motorola XT460 446 Portable Two-Way Radio


Motorola Two-Way Radio XT460 Model has a range of up to 5.5 miles (9km) making it suitable for business use for example for co-ordination on building sites, or for individuals participating in leisure activities such as hiking, mountain biking or skiing.

With instant push to talk the XT460 features loud and clear audio output with its powerful built-in loudspeaker.  

This radio features a antimicrobial coating preventing the spread of germs - ideal for multi-users.

What is Included?

  • Motorola XT460 Two-Way Radio
  • Belt Clip
  • Battery
  • Charger

Motorola XT460 Key Features:


This Motorola radio works on the PMR446 frequency which is the European Union standard for radios and is approved for use in the UK and European Union*.


The XT460 offers users the choice to select between 16 channels and 219 privacy codes to help ensure a clear signal. The Channel Alias features allows you to 'nickname' or pre-program channels with bespoke audio tags so you can identify the person you are speaking to. 

Standard Rating

The Motorola XT460 has a IP55 standard rating and a 810 C, D, E, F and G Military Standard. 

Voice Prompts

Easily programme your radio, without a display, by following the voice prompts on the radio to change the frequency, code or auto-scan. This instils your workforce with confidence that your Motorola XT460 is programmed correctly. 


The Motorola XT460 Radio's 1500mW loud speaker ensures that your employees can hear all messages loud and clear, even in noisy environments. 

Voice Announcements

The Motorola XT460 voice announcement features are available in 10 lanuages, to provide owners with an update on battery life and channel, everytime you turn on the radio. This provides you with all the information required, to be prepared for a shift of communications. 

Other Features:

  • On/off/volume control knob
  • 16-position channel/code selector knob
  • Autoscan
  • Battery Save
  • USB CPS Interface
  • Radio Mic Gain
  • Accessory Mic Gain
  • Scan and Scan List
  • Voice scrambling for extra privacy
  • Time-Out Timer
  • Compatible with XTNi
  • Audio Accessories

*The PMR446 frequency is a shared frequency and as a result does not require a licence from OFCOM.

Motorola XT460 Markets: 


Even in noisy environments, on and off-site, your workforce will be able to hear all incoming messages with the powerful 1500mW loud speaker built-in to the Motorola XT460 Radio. Additionally, the XT460 has exceptional durability with clear audio, for your workforce to communicate in tough conditions. 


If you are co-ordinating resources within a manufacturing product-line, the Motorola XT460 can assist with the communication within teams and to other members of the workforce. The push-to-talk button also enables your workforce to communicate instantly if required, with crisp and clear auido. 


The Motorola XT460 can be used to co-ordinate with staff and teachers across school, college and university campus', within a 9km communication range. 


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General Specifications
Dimensions 11.6 x 5.8 x 4 cm
Weight 256g with battery
Frequency Band PMR446
Audio Output 1500 mW
Bandwidth 12.5kHz
Channels 16 Channels
Private Codes 219 Codes
Range Up to 5.5 miles/9km depending on terrain and conditions
IP Rating IP55
Battery Life Up to 20 hours with battery save on
Battery Type Rechargeable Li-Ion (Included)
Operating Temperature -30°C to +60°C

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