Motorola Defy Satellite Link

Motorola Defy Satellite Link


The new Motorola Defy Satellite Link is the powerful, compact, and super tough satellite tracker designed for rough outdoor environments whether on land or in the water. Take it hiking, skiing, or kayaking, and stay reliably in touch with key contacts back home through its intuitive messaging app and developing satellite communication service from Bullitt.

Every purchase includes 1 Year 'Essential Messaging' Contract (up to 30 satellite messages per month for 1 year).

Motorola Defy Satellite Link


Take adventure to the next level with the Motorola Defy Satellite Link, a powerful and compact personal satellite tracker that is sand, grit, dirt and dust-proof, and fully waterproof. Whatever remote location your work or play takes you to, this Bluetooth®-powered accessory that runs off Bullitt Satellite should be part of your essential carry-on kit. Clip it to the strap of a backpack or simply put it in your pocket, the Defy will keep anxious minds at rest thanks to its far-reaching satellite connectivity and SOS service.




To respond in a message from the Bullitt Messenger Application, you do not have to enter your credit card details or activate a subscription plan.

The motorola defy satellite link allows you to message anyone, even when you do not have WiFi or Cellular signal. It uses a satellite constellation to transmit the message, via Bullitt Satellite Messenger.

The person you are sending the message to does not need to have the Bullitt Satellite Messenger app downloaded to receive the message. They will receive the full text of your message into their own SMS / text gateway.

It is only if they want to respond to the message do they need to download the Bullitt Satellite Messager app. The following sets show you how to obtain a free account:

  • Download the App
  • Register on the Bullitt Satellite portal
  • Sign into the App
  • Send your message

You will receive a message in your standard SMS gateway, this give the full message and a link to tap, if you wish to respond just tap the link.

Tap the link in the SMS message, this will take you to the Bullitt website to download the Bullitt Satellite Messenger app.

Sending a message via the Bullitt Satellite Messenger is as simple as any standard messaging platform. You select who you want to message, type your message, send and await the reply.

The main difference between Bullitt Satellite Messenger and any standard messaging platform is that you can send messages even when you have no cellular signal. You can also send a message to any contact irrespective of the type of phone they are using.

To ensure that you get the most from your satellite subscription plan, messages are limited to ~140 characters. If you are connected to satellite, as you type your message you will see the rocket icon slowly turn blue as you type more characters. If you exceed the limit, it will turn red, as will the characters in your message, to indicate that you have exceeded the limit.

To test sending a message over satellite, please ensure that your phone’s internet connection is disabled by turning off Wi-Fi and disabling the data connection. However, please ensure that Bluetooth remains enabled on your phone to connect to the satellite link.

NOTE: The app will always send messages over cellular or Wi-Fi if it can. If your message has been sent/received over satellite it will be marked by an orange triangle.


The motorola defy satellite link is contextually aware. It will look to send messages and check-ins over an IP connection before it even tries to use the satellite constellation. This was developed to optimise your satellite subscription package.

During our testing we have noticed that mobile devices treat the lack of cellular coverage in many different ways. This can mean that although the device looks as if it has a small level of coverage, in practice it is searching for signal. This can effectively block the satellite link’s ability to connect to satellite.

To overcome this issue it is best practice to turn off your mobile data*. To do this just use the ‘quick settings’ or ‘control centre’ menu on your device.

So when you are in an area where the cell coverage goes in and out regularly, or where the signal is very weak even when you do have coverage, to ensure satellite coverage just pair the motorola defy satellite link and switch off your data connection to connect to satellite.

Mobile handsets treat lack of signal in different ways. By following this tip, your phone will not try to send messages over the cellular network where they could get ‘stuck’. The phone will send them through your motorola defy satellite link via the satellite connection.

When you get back into good coverage you should return the phone usual connection mode.

* You can also disable all data connections by putting the device into ‘AirPlane’ mode through the ‘quick settings’ or ‘control centre’ menu on your device. This may mean you will need to re-pair the satellite link via Bluetooth on your phone.

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£4.99 Per Month

Up to 30 messages per month (12 month contract)

24/7 SOS assistance
3 Month Free Trial*

£9.99 Per Month

Up to 80 messages per month (12 month contract)

24/7 SOS assistance




£29.99 Per Month

Up to 300 messages per month (12 month contract)
24/7 SOS assistance

£59.99 Yearly

Up to 250 messages per year (no contract)
24/7 SOS assistance
Free to choose when you use your message allowance




Dimensions 85 x 62 x 11. 2mm
Weight 70g
Ingress Protection Ingress Protection (IP68)
Drop tested From 1.8m onto steel
Waterproof Up to 1.5m for 30 minutes 
MIL-SPEC 810H Resistant to vibration: Category 4. Resistant to humidity and salt mist
Thermal shock handles low to high temperature differences between -30°C (-22°F) to 55°C (131°F) for up to 24 hours
Capacity 600 mAh
Charger USB Charging
Battery Life Up to 4 full days
Positioning GPS, Glonass, Galileo, Beidou
Support Check-In and trigger SOS without phone connection


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