FastFind Crew1 AIS Man Overboard Beacon

FastFind Crew1 AIS Man Overboard Beacon


The FastFind CREW1 is an AIS Man Overboard Device with a range of features designed to accelerate detection and support localised rescue for vessel crew in an MOB situation.

FastFind Crew1 AIS Man Overboard Beacon


Designed to improve the survivability of those working or playing on the water, the new FastFind CREW1 AIS MOB provides the quality and innovation that FastFind is famous for in the world of marine electronics.

Brimming with features in a compact and ultra-portable design, the CREW1 device makes emergency detection easier, and helps support nearby rescue services in a man-overboard situation.

The beacon itself is rugged and semi-automatic, meaning it can be manually activated, or when it makes contact with water. It comes with endurance, 36-hour battery life, and powerful SOS strobe light.

The FastFind CREW1 is designed with crew survivability in mind. Submersible to 50m, the Crew1 offers a versatile commercial grade AIS man over-board solution.

Key Features:

  • Compact and offers dynamic lifejacket fitting options
  • Highly accurate, regularly updated GPS coordinates to accelerate location detection
  • Water and manual activation options
  • Compatible with AIS electronics, e.g. chart plotters
  • High-strength LED signals SOS message to aid low light detection
  • High-powered battery allows extended signal operation with 36 hrs activation time (typical for -10C)
  • 5 years storage life
  • IP68 Waterproof with 50m immersion depth

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Size 129x52x40mm (L*W*D)
Weight 160 g (main unit only)
Operating Temperature -20°C~55°C
Waterproof IP68
Immersion Depth 50m
GPS Receiving Channels 72
Battery Type Primary Lithium (not rechargeable)
Battery Operating Time 36 hours at -10°C, typical
Storage (battery life) 5 years, replacement due after
emergency use
VHF Frequency AIS 1, 161.975MHz
AIS 2, 162.025 MHz
VHF Data Rate 9,600bps
Tx Power 2W (1W EIRP)
VHF Bandwidth 25 KHz
VHF Modulation GMSK
VHF Range 4nm typical with receiver antenna
> 5m above sea level
AIS Message Type Message 1
(TXID, GPS position, SOG, COG)
Message 14


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