Exposure MOB Float-On Torch

Exposure MOB Float-On Torch


Be safe and be seen with this powerful On-Float torch from Exposure. In a man-overboard situation, use the Float-On by throwing it into the water where it will then activate after six seconds, signalling your location up to three nautical miles away.

Exposure MOB Float-On Torch


The Float-On is a waterproof, floating pocket torch which uniquely integrates Exposure’s MOB technology. A multi-functional safety aid and flashlight for both novice and experienced boaters.

When thrown overboard, or worn by a person going overboard, it will float. MOB technology senses 6 seconds of water connection and activates the strobe light, flashing once every second for up to 24 hours, visible up to 3 nautical miles away. Separated and sunken water connection terminals ensure the MOB technology is only active when submerged in water.

Fitting in the palm of a hand, a feature button offers easy location in the dark. The lens is effective as a distance torch whilst also emitting side light to ensure complete all-round visibility when acting as a position indicating light or strobe. The Float-On can be easily stowed on any existing safety gear or in a lifejacket pocket.

Key Benefits

  • Pick up and throw saves crucial time in an emergency when wind and currents can quickly disorientate perceived location.
  • Motion sensing combines with timed water submersion to ensure automatic activation only occurs in an emergency avoiding battery wastage and accidental loss of night vision.
  • The MOB can be used as a multiple output torch as its colour-coded rear switch always indicates how many hours of strobe remain should it be required.
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